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Other Useful Weather Sites

The Bureau of Meteorology

The following six links take you to what we regard as the main sections of the Bureau of Meteorolgy's website.

Jonathon Pollock's BOM Weather Sites

The following links were presented by Jonoathon Pollock at the BCG 2012 'Weathering the Future' climate forum, held in Birchip on Thursday 22nd March at the Birchip Leisure Centre.

Jane's Weather

The new and improved Jane's Weather is up and running.

Not only does it have a facelift, but there are now separate forecasts for Victoria and the Alpine areas. The Victorian forecast has a discussion on what weather is coming up, a daily forecast and information on what rain is likely in the next week. The Alpine forecast has commentary on the weather each day and why, and the all important "how much snow is likely".

Climate Kelpie

Climate Kelpie is a 'one-stop shop' for climate risk management information and tools.

The site is designed for Australian farmers and farm advisors.

It connects you to the best available tools and information about climate to help you make decisions about your farm business.

Mostly we provide links to content on other websites. Every month we add new links to credible and relevant tools and information.

Seasonal Climate

Seasonal Information by Peter McIntosh

Rainfall predictions

This site in Maryland USA appears to be reasonably accurate, with 7 day and 15 day forecasts for temperature, precipitation and soil moisture. Or go to COLA Weather and Climate Data homepage and follow the links.

Japanese IOD model

May is the time of year when the Indian Dipole (IOD) models begin to have some clarity and forecast skill.  The best place to go for IOD information is to the Japanese meteorologists and click on the IOD SST Plumes.

Water and the Land - Bureau of Meteorology

The Water and the Land pages present an integrated suite of information for people involved in primary production, natural resource management, industry, trade and commerce.

Madden-Julian Oscillation

This website follows the movement of the MJO using the BMRC's phases, and shows the corresponding rainfall patterns for each phase.

Stephen H. Schneider - Stanford University

Information, links and literature regarding climate change.

Air Resources Laboratory

Autogram, meteogram, windgram, etc.

SST phases and Australian rainfall

Descriptions of SOI phases, non-linear analogues, SST phases and comparisons of SOI and SST phases.

Elders Weather

Elders weather site produced by The Weather Co. based on data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

AWN 8-day Optimal Consensus Forecasts

The tables for each district give estimates of rainfall and temperature for most Bureau weather station locations, and evaporation and sunshine for some.

Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia

Links to Growing Season Outlook, ENSO Technical Summary and DAFWA's Experimental Analogue Years.

Wind speed and delta T at a weather station near you

View the wind speed and delta T for weather stations around the state.


Commercial weather site with information supplied by The Weather Co. based on data from the Bureau of Meteorology and Kattson. Includes access to METEOGRAMS which are easy to read graphs, updated regularly, to show predicted wind speeds and directions and temperature, based on six hour intervals for many different locations.

The Long Paddock - DPI Qld

The Long Paddock website is by the Queensland Government supplies decision-support information services to help clients better manage climatic risks and opportunities particularly those associated with the El Niņo - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon.

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