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What is Yield Prophet?

Yield Prophet® is an on-line crop production model designed to present grain growers and consultants with real-time information about their crops, providing integrated production risk advice and monitoring decision support relevant to farm management. Operated as a web interface for the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM), Yield Prophet generates crop simulations and reports to assist in decision making. By matching crop inputs with potential yield in a given season, Yield Prophet subscribers may avoid over- or under-investing in their crop.

The simulations provide a framework for growers and advisors to:

  • forecast yield
  • manage climate and soil water risk
  • make informed decisions about nitrogen and irrigation applications
  • match inputs with the yield potential of their crop
  • assess the effect of changed sowing dates or varieties
  • assess the possible effects of climate change

How much does it cost?

There are three costs associated with subscribing to Yield Prophet®: a subscription fee, soil sampling expenses and soil analysis charges. The total cost of subscription usually ranges between $300 and $500/paddock (ex GST). A breakdown of these costs is shown below:

  • Yield Prophet subscription:
    • Growers Subscriptions:
      •  BCG Membership = $120/paddock, No BCG membership = $180/paddock
      •  1 free paddock for every 3 subscribed.
    • Consultant and advisor subscriptions:
      •  BCG Sponsor/Partner = $120/paddock, Non BCG Sponsor/Partner = $180/paddock
      •  Subscribe to 15 Paddocks, get 5 free. For each additional 3 paddocks you get 1 for free.
  • Soil sampling: depends on your contractor; approximately $125/paddock (ex GST)
  • Soil analysis: depends on the analysis that your paddock requires and the soil testing laboratory used but between $68 and $182 per paddock.

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What you get:

  • 1 x log-in for grower
  • 1 x log-in for grower’s consultant (if requested)
  • Help-line access for growers and consultants
  • Access to Yield Prophet workshops and training sessions for growers and consultants

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How do I sign up?

Information you will need:

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See it for yourself

You can visit the Yield Prophet website ( to view previously generated reports for the BCG trial sites and gain access to help files with more information about operating Yield Prophet and how to interpret reports. Respond to Username and Password by simply typing in ‘Visitor’.

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