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Below is a list of BCG related news stories. If you would like to suggest a news item, please email BCG with the details of your event.


BWBL meetings in March

A great benefit of your BCG livestock membership is access to Best Wool Best Lamb (BWBL) group meetings throughout the year. They're a great opportunity to get together and discuss 'all-things sheep and pastures': a chance you don't get at other more cropping-focussed events. Fitting these meetings in around all the happenings on your mixed cropping and livestock farms and our BCG activities has its challenges, but we aim to meet at least four times during the year.

International info exchange at BCG

BCG welcomed 20 agricultural extension specialists from Ghana to its Birchip office on Thursday, February 20. Having heard about BCG, the group arranged the visit to learn more about how BCG conducts its research and how the findings are communicated and extended to the farming community.


Southern Prime Lamb group tour

MLA projections point towards increasing sheep and lamb prices


Undergraduate opportunity to develop skills and networks through the Horizon scholarship

The Horizon Scholarship has been developed to support the next generation of agricultural leaders, who are passionate about agriculture, have a keen interest in the future of the industry and who are ready to expand their networks and learn new skills.

Hybrids at OP prices means more value for growers

Canola growers will be able to purchase selected Hyola® Hybrids for the same price as selected Open Pollinated varieties in the coming season.

Stubble retention receives GRDC funding attention

Farming systems groups across the southern cropping region are laying the foundations for a suite of local development and extension projects under the Grains Research and Development Corporation's major new initiative to address challenges associated with stubble retention. The Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble initiative involves farming systems groups in Victoria, South Australia and southern and central New South Wales collaborating with research organisations and agribusiness over the next five years.

Testing for stored grain insect resistance

As part of a major National 2014 effort to measure stored grain insect resistance to phosphine and other chemicals, Jim Moran from the Victorian DEPI will visit farms in Victoria to collect insects in and around grain storages. The project is funded by the National CRC for Plant Biosecurity through grain grower levies and will benchmark insect resistance distribution and frequency around Australia.

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