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Below is a list of BCG related news stories. If you would like to suggest a news item, please email BCG with the details of your event.


Sowing for glory!

'Plan, review, improve' is BCG's theme for 2014, and the research team has excelled in adhering to this strategy in its sowing program to date. With the theme playing an integral role in the day-to-day operations at BCG in 2014, a vigorous review of previous year's research programs was carried out, making planning for the coming research season simplified.

Ideal opportunity to sow with the intention of grazing

The timely rains over the past week, or even fortnight for some, present an ideal opportunity to sow a couple of paddocks with cereal that can be used for grazing during late June and early July.

Technical Bulletins are under way!

The Technical Bulletin has begun, with editions being released each fortnight. Members should be receiving these bulletins fortnightly; they can also be accessed in the Members portal of the website, under publications.

Technical workshop YouTube clips

Technical workshop YouTube clips on fungicide/herbicide diagnostics, spray technology and pulse and oilseed crop phenology and physiology.

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