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Below is a list of BCG related news stories. If you would like to suggest a news item, please email BCG with the details of your event.


Soil water workshop at Skipton

On Friday 6 February SFS and BCG are holding the first workshop (of a series of three) on measuring, monitoring and managing soil water. The free workshop will be held in the Skipton Golf Club 9.00am – 3.00pm, and features guest presenters Tim McClelland (BCG) and Harm van Rees and Anne Jackman (Cropfacts).

Pest management in retained stubble systems

What are the biggest challenges for pest management in retained stubble systems? Established cultural and chemical control techniques are available for managing snail and slug problems in grain production systems, yet growers still have crop failures and grain contamination due to these pests.


BCG grain exchange

BCG would like to offer growers a platform to communicate with other growers about seeking and selling grain.

Support for farmers

A number of organisations and rural support agencies are available to help farmers negotiate the challenges of a disappointing cropping season.

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