As promised…

by BCG Wildlife Ponds


As promised, I recorded some frogs calling last week. While it’s a little hard to hear, you can make out the calls.
Listen to the recording below:

What type of frog is calling?

If you’re unsure check out to listen to the calls of different species of frogs.

3 Responses to “As promised…”

  1. Alexandra Gartmann says:

    I tried to listen, but found it impossible to distinguish frog sounds – maybe I just need to train my ear to the right sounds.

  2. Janine McIntyre says:

    You’re right Alex. It is hard to hear. Make sure you have your volume up high. After the crunching gravel noises, listen to the ‘pock’ noises.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Nice recording Janine. There are two species calling – the one which gives the single loud ‘tok’ is a Spotted Marsh Frog. In the background is a second frog, the high-pitched ‘eeeek’ call is a Plains Froglet.
    Let’s hope they are all breeding and producing lots more froggies.

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