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BCG is proud to be a major job provider for Birchip and surrounding towns. Our staff are highly trained and work across various areas, including research, extension, projects and operations.

Fiona Best

Chief Executive Officer

Fiona Best returned to BCG in November 2019 as CEO, after 9 years working in the education sector teaching agriculture. In her position as CEO, Fiona works to bring relevant agricultural research and extension opportunities to farming communities by attracting investments to improve the prosperity of broadacre farming locally, regionally and nationally.

Fiona is excited to be back at BCG because of the large part the organisation plays in the community and its role supporting farmers to be viable and prosperous. She is proud of BCG’s achievements and contributions over the last 28 years and has a strong desire to contribute positively to the ongoing journey and evolution of the group.

After growing up on her mixed enterprise family farm, cropping and producing sheep. Fiona studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

Fiona is currently on parental leave.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0427 922 786

Kelly Angel

Senior Manager Operations

Kelly Angel joined BCG in December 2013. She is the Senior Manager of Operations managing the day to day tasks needing to be done by the research team, however she still has a foot in the research and extension areas as well, managing a number of research projects. Kelly’s main areas of interest within research are weeds and pests, as they are major constraints to production and she wants to find out what will give the best outcomes to growers for managing these challenges – although sometimes they are difficult to quantify.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0427 564 507
Twitter: @KAngel62

Vin Delahunty

Senior Manager Engagement, Corporate & Business Services

Vin Delahunty joined BCG in December 2017 as Senior Manager of Engagement, Corporate and Business Services. He works on many of the ‘back-office’ roles like finance, membership and governance.

Vin believes that agriculture is unique in that there are a number of people who offer their time, expertise and other resources for industry and community good. He comes to work every day because he loves working with farmers.

Vin has experience managing the representation of Victorian dairy farmers.

Vin wishes he were better at golf and enjoys gardening.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0468 995 355
Twitter: @vindella

Tom Draffen

Senior Manager Extension and Communication

Tom joined BCG in March 2020 as the Senior Manager of Extension and Communication.
Tom studied Arts at The University of Melbourne, followed by a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management at RMIT and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management at RMIT.
Tom comes from a farming family from Mortlake in the Western Districts of Victoria and has recently moved to Wycheproof with his partner following 8 years in Melbourne studying and working in Environmental Management, specifically Bushfire Management for the Department of Defence.
More recently Tom has worked as a Project Manager for the Buloke Shire Council overseeing the implementation of Federal funding programs.
Tom is passionate about rural communities and the people who live in them. He feels that BCG provides a great service to the region and gives back to the farming community and is looking forward to contributing to the great work that BCG is involved in.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0418 304 695

James Murray

Senior Manager Research

James Murray joined BCG in 2014. He is the Senior Research Manager and works primarily on pulse agronomy, nitrogen management systems, crop nutrition and members trial coordination.

James likes working at BCG because of the variability of the work. He loves the people and the positivity of the agricultural industry.

James holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and joined BCG to develop his applied research skills. James loves playing football.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0427 566 449

Brooke Bennett

Research and Extension Officer

Brooke Bennett joined BCG in June 2018 as a Research and Extension Officer. Her role is to work on field trials with a focus on GRDC National Variety Trials, SARDI vetch variety trials, and the pulse inoculation demonstration trial.

Brooke grew up on her family’s sheep farm and always wanted to be able to help other farming families. She joined BCG because she wanted to do meaningful research that would be directly helping farmers around her.

Brooke holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences from La Trobe University.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0468 304 335

Claire Pickles

Senior Research and Extension Officer

Claire Pickles joined BCG in March 2007. She is a Senior Research and Extension Officer who works on GRDC National Variety Trials, GRDC Plant Establishment (canola and lentils) trials, and BCG members trials such as the canola nitrogen management trial.

Claire joined BCG because she wanted to work in the agriculture industry and likes being outdoors.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of Adelaide.

Claire is currently on parental leave.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0429 922 780
Twitter: @BrowneyBCG

Genevieve Clarke

Research and Extension Officer

Genevieve Clarke joined BCG in August 2017. She is a Research and Extension Officer who contributes to research trials run by BCG with a focus on projects such as; management of early sown wheat, optimising plant establishment, Russian Wheat Aphid and some pasture research.

Gen loves knowing that the work she is doing is providing relevant information to growers.

Gen holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours from The University of Sydney.

Gen enjoys running and loves being outside with a dog or two.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0422 988 088

Chris Cook

Technical Officer

Chris Cook joined BCG in 2015 to help with the 2015 cropping program and never left. His role is Technical Officer where he works on trial operations, and weather stations and soil probes.

Chris grew up and worked on the family farm, he enjoys doing something everyday and feels a sense of achievement from the praise the team receives for their trial work.

Chris is proud of his family, he loves watching his kids play sport, he also enjoys tinker in the workshop and has a hive of bees.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0476 850 043

Kate Finger

Project Officer

Kate Finger joined BCG in May 2019. She is a Project Officer within the Business Development and Innovation team. She manages BCG’s weather station and soil probe network, coordinates communications for the managing climate variability project and ForeWarned is ForeArmed CoP and works on contract services trials.

Kate believes that the work she is a part of is helping to improve the profitability and sustainability of Australian agriculture.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Science – Majoring in Agricultural Science and a Masters of Agricultural Sciences specialising in Crop Production from the University of Melbourne.

Kate loves horse riding, gardening and exploring the outdoors.

Mobile: 0448 823 353

Alison Frischke

Senior Research and Extension Officer

Alison Frischke joined BCG in May 2010 as an Extension Officer. She specialises in livestock and farming systems research, extension and project management, working on projects such as; dryland legume pasture systems, understanding standing crops to finish lambs and improve summer ground-cover and soil health, and oaten hay agronomy.

Alison has a deep interest in agricultural production, the whole-farm system and rural communities. She enjoys sharing beneficial information with growers to help make production and business decisions.

Alison loves exploring the country, salt-water fishing and learning local history. She also makes a great fruit cake.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0429 922 787

Angela Liston

Office Manager

Agriculture is like toilet paper; it’s necessary and universal.
It is more good luck than good management that I find myself embedded in the fabric of an organisation which contributes enormously to the improvement and advancement of this essential industry. The people who work to maintain vibrancy and sustainability in our rural communities inspire me, particularly strong and purposeful women. BCG is renowned for its vast contribution to successful agricultural practices across the Wimmera and Mallee and beyond; it is an honour to work here.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0417 303 947

Janine Batters

Communication and Extension

Janine Batters returned to BCG in October 2020 after working in the media industry as a journalist and editor. As part of the Extension and Communications team Janine works to communicate relevant BCG research to farming communities both locally and nationally through publications, events and the media.
Janine enjoys the variety of work at BCG and the constant opportunities to learn new things and new ways of supporting growers to be profitable and happy.
Janine studied a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at Deakin University.

Mobile: 0400 504 330

Tariq Gerardi

Research Agronomist

Tariq Gerardi joined BCG in February 2021 as a Research Agronomist. He is from Brunswick West. Tariq has completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at LaTrobe University. Through his studies, he took the opportunity to work on a livestock and agro-forestry property near Cavendish at JigSaw Farms.
Tariq chose to work at BCG not only because of the organisation’s reputation as a highly credible research organisation but because BCG’s mission and commitment matched his own desires to deliver world class research that has measurable, positive outcomes for farmers.
Tariq is interested in all sports but particularly cricket, golf, fishing and football.

Mobile: 0414 454 972

James Taylor

Research Agronomist

James Taylor joined BCG in March 2021 as a Research Agronomist. He grew up on a mixed farm near Serpentine. After completing a Bachelor of Agriculture at The University of Melbourne, he took up a role with MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia) in the Sheep Genetics team where he worked with sheep breeders to get the most out of the genetic potential of their flock.
James believes the link between research and adoption that BCG provides to farmers is paramount to the resilience and profitability of farming, both at the farm gate and at an industry level.
He spends much of his spare time helping with the sheep operation on the family farm. James enjoys skiing and repairing or building things.

Mobile: 0488 258 831

Louisa Ferrier

Extension and Communication

Louisa Ferrier joined BCG in January 2015 and is part of the Extension and Communications team. Louisa grew up on a family farm north of Birchip and holds a Bachelor of Business (Rural Business Management) from Marcus Oldham College. Louisa joined BCG after gaining experience at Southern Farming Systems, John Stuchbery and Associates and Buloke Shire Council.
Louisa is inspired by what the people in this rural, community-based organisation achieve. She enjoys working for farmers across the region and appreciates the opportunity to hear from some of the best minds in agriculture in her hometown.

Louisa is currently on parental leave.

Phone: 03 5492 2787
Mobile: 0438 854 241
Lynden Burns BCG

Lynden Burns

Events Coordinator

Lynden Burns joined BCG in August 2021 and will be a part of the Extension and Communication team. Lynden grew up on a mixed farming enterprise at Tempy, just an hour north of Birchip. After moving to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Business (Event Management & Marketing), he worked in marketing at a tour company. He then decided to head back to the family farm where he worked for 12 months before accepting a position at BCG. Lynden looks forward to creating new innovative ways of extending BCG’s research.

Mobile: 0428 177 759

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