Research Committee

The purpose of the research advisory committee is to approve the disbursement of all monies received that are eligible for tax concessions under section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act (“the Act”) and only for the purposes of scientific research as defined in SS73A of the Act and which can reasonably be expected to be of value to Australia.
‘Disbursement’ includes any distribution, gifts or payments made upon the winding up or dissolution of the ARI.
The research committee is made up of 10 agricultural doctorates (or equivalent) that were selected based on their appropriate credentials and research nous. Since its inception in October 2016, five meetings have been held (twice annually).
The research committee is engaged to ensure BCG research is scientifically rigorous and research projects reflect the goals of the strategic plan. As such, the emphasis is on project idea development, researcher and scientist collaboration, and the ‘next advancement’ in cropping and mixed farming.

Research Committee members

Caroline Welsh (Berriwillock, Research Committee Chair and BCG Board)

Dr. Cherie Reilly (Corack, BCG Board)

Dr. Geoff Hunt (Normanville)

Dr. Harm van Rees (Crop Facts, Bendigo)

Ian McClelland OAM (Birchip, BCG Founder and BCG Board)

Dr. James Hunt (Melbourne, La Trobe University, BCG Board)

Julia Hausler (Warracknabeal, GrainGrowers Ltd. Board)

Dr. Tony Gregson (Warracknabeal)

Dr. Zvi Hochman (Brisbane, CSIRO)

Claire Browne is the BCG staff resource providing administrative and coordination support.

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