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Birchip Cropping Group Inc. (BCG) is a leader in applied grains research. We provide the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment in one of the largest and diverse grain producing regions in Australia.

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Our Values

  • Farmers – We value the role farmers play in rural communities and their contribution to the Australian economy.
  • Science – Our research and extension is science based and rigorous.
  • Independence – We generate and provide independent research and extension to our stakeholders.
  • Innovation – We see and generate innovative research and communicate outcomes that deliver on-farm and community benefits.
  • Collaboration – We collaborate with farmers, researchers and industry stakeholders to generate and communicate knowledge and skills.
  • Honesty and Courage – We have the courage to tell the truth about what science tells us.
  • Teamwork – We work as a team and support our colleagues in their endeavours.

Featured Positions

“BCG is nationally recognised and respected for delivery of high quality, independent, applied science-based research and extension.”

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About Birchip

The town of Birchip is approximately 320km north-west of Melbourne, in the Mallee region of Victoria. 

Birchip is a happy, vibrant, and progressive community, offering many social, sport and recreation opportunities, boasting outstanding sporting facilities and water-based activities at Tchum Lake which is located 7kms from town.

If you’re interested in music and the Arts, Birchip is host to the annual Mali Heart Arts Festival, various visiting cultural arts performances and a range of regular and varied music events throughout the year.

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