Ag Careers in Focus – Agriculture Victoria Melissa Cann and Darryl Pearl

Stereotypes suggest someone who works in agriculture spends their time outside – dusty, solitary figures with hard lives, always awaiting the next rain. But the agricultural industry has evolved and is now a thriving and vibrant sector, filled with diverse career opportunities in both rural, urban and even international settings.

To showcase the range of careers on offer, a newly developed podcast series has been produced by BCG with support from the Hugh Williamson Foundation. The Foundation’s aim is to establish educational opportunities and build leadership skills in regional communities.

In each episode, we’ll introduce two people working in agriculture and discuss their pathway into agriculture, what their job involves and why they love their industry.

In the first episode, BCG Extension and Communications Officer, Jemma Pearl caught up with Agriculture Victoria Northern Regional Grains Manager, Melissa Cann and Senior Officer for Relief and Recovery Coordination in Agriculture Services and Biosecurity, Darryl Pearl.

The podcast can be found below and available on iTunes, just search Ag Careers In Focus.

For more information about the podcast series or any questions, please contact the BCG office on 03 5492 2787. 

The second episode in the Ag Careers in Focus series is now available. It can be found here and on iTunes, just search Ag Careers in Focus. 


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