Ag Careers in Focus – Aleisha Dalmayer, ORM


A farm business is no different to any other business, requiring human resourcing, adhering to occupational health and safety and legal obligations and sourcing financial expertise just like BHP or your local corner store.

BCG extension and communications officer Jemma Pearl recently caught up with Bendigo-based business ORM’s finance officer Aleisha Dalmayer for episode six of the ‘Ag careers in Focus’ podcast series to discuss her thoughts on agricultural business management.

“Business is business. The difference in ag is that it has a lot more heart. There is an emotional attachment in agriculture that a lot of other businesses don’t have,” explained Ms Dalmayer.

“I thought the only way that I would ever work with farmers would be as a tax accountant through a firm doing their returns.”

But this is not the case. Ms Dalmayer enjoys the range of activities she undertakes as part of her role at ORM.

“I wear so many hats, just like a farmer. There’s many areas that I was not aware of specific to agriculture that I am involved with.”

Working with farming families also makes for an enjoyable career.

“It’s great being able to be involved in their journeys or teaching them new skills, it’s fantastic.”

This episode is part of the ‘Ag careers in focus’ podcast series aimed to showcase the range of ag careers on offer. It is produced by BCG with funding from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation.

The podcast can be found below and available on iTunes by searching Ag careers in focus.

For more information about the podcast series or any questions, please contact the BCG office on 03 5492 2787.

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