Ag Careers in Focus – Aubrey and Areegra, Kate Liersch and Karen Inkster


Do you have a creative flair? A drive to create something visual? Or perhaps you’re an enthusiastic wordsmith?

In this episode of Ag Careers in Focus, BCG extension and communications officer Jemma Pearl caught up with two very talented women who mastered their craft in the city before applying it in the rural community of Warracknabeal, in the Wimmera region of Victoria. 

Kate and Karen found that their skills were needed in the regional setting and that returning to their home town was also conducive to raising a young family.

Through their small advertising business, Aubrey and Areegra, they have not only worked for large companies like New Holland Australia, but also other small businesses including Rupanyup Living.

Kate and Karen’s advantage over city advertising agencies is their in-depth understanding of the industry and the audience, given that Karen and husband Daniel manage Daniel’s family farm with his aunt and uncle, and Kate’s partner is also a farmer.

“There is a lack of understanding and I think a lot of research now is coming out that people are a lot more disconnected from farmers and from agriculture,” Kate explained.

“This means that those working in advertising in the media don’t have a real understanding of what goes on a farm or in a rural community.”

Karen explained that it is also in the industries interest to try and promote the industry.

“I think too, it is not that people don’t care, it is just not coming up in their day-to-day life. When I started an Instagram feed of a photo every day of harvest, I had so many people saying, ‘wow I have no idea what goes on’. And I actually feel like it is our job as country people and promoters of ag to be putting that sort of stuff out there on social media so that our city friends can see and understand more about what we do.”

This episode is part of the Ag Careers in Focus podcast series aimed to showcase the range of ag careers on offer. It is produced by BCG with funding from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation.

The podcast can be found below and available on iTunes by searching Ag Careers in Focus.

For more information about the podcast series or any questions, please contact the BCG office on 03 5492 2787.

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