The BCG Research Team are undertaking trials across the Wimmera Mallee and are constantly on the look-out for timely, topical and technical information in the paddocks.

Agronomic practices are a vital part of farming systems. These are practices that farmers incorporate to improve soil quality, enhance water use efficiency, manage crops and improve the environment.

Agronomy BLOG - Updates from the field

Blackleg upper canopy trial

27 May 2020 - Kelly Angel

Canola flower at Curyo

Photo taken at the main site yesterday. Hyola 350TT punching out its first flower, the rest of the plot is well and truly bolting.

This plant is part of a trial looking at upper canopy blackleg infection from different times of sowing, sown April 9... it's just too early. 

Good example of the need to match phenology to sowing date - how many other examples of this will we see this year given the early rains?

Pyramid Hill Trials

27 May 2020 - Claire Browne

Pyramid Hill TOS1 emerged and TOS2 being sown on 26 May.  GRDC Pulse agronomy trials and BCG trials

Keep an eye out for Mice

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

Reports indicate there are still plenty of mice around. Anecdotally later harvested barley paddocks along with pulse paddocks appear to be worse. Keep monitoring paddocks, as there are reports of paddocks that have been baited and still finding plenty of activity.

Rolling Pulses

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

Cool and damp conditions are ideal for rolling pulses, remember there needs to be a 7-day window after rolling and before grass sprays.

Paddock Inspections

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

It is important to go back and check emerging crops, not only for weed or insect issues but any seeder mishaps while there is still time to rectify them. It’s also a good opportunity to see how your seeding system is working and if you are achieving your targeted sowing rates. - Claire Brown, BCG

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