July 2020 Extension Update

Our lives have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has and will continue to impact how we gather and interact and how information is extended from BCG to our members, and to all Australian broadacre farmers, for the foreseeable future.   With restrictions on gatherings as they currently stand in Victoria, BCG […]


The original GAPP program ran between 2015 and 2017 with the aim of increasing on-farm production and profitability, particularly among young farmers. The program brought in a range of agricultural professionals to present at discussion group meetings and crop walks over the course of the project. In the years since the project ended, we have […]

Increasing Awareness Of Farm Practices Influencing Soil Carbon Levels And The Impact On The System

BCG’s Cameron Taylor and Cropfact’s Harm van Rees discuss soil carbon as part of the ‘Increasing Awareness of Farm Practices Influencing Soil Carbon Levels and the Impact on the System’. This project is supported by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

BCG In Focus – profitability in retained stubble systems

BCG extension leader Ciara Cullen met with BCG research leader, Claire Browne and business development and innovation manager, Cameron Taylor to discuss the changes to farming systems and the profit drivers behind moving to no-till and retaining stubble for sustainable agricultural practices.

BCG In Focus – Soil Constraints And The Use Of Grid Soil Sampling

BCG extension manager, Ciara Cullen, recently caught up with Agriculture Victoria Northern Region Grains Manager Melissa Cann and Precision Agriculture’s Daniel Bell.Melissa and Daniel presented at the CTF and soil relationship crop walk held at Alwyn and Jonathan Dyer’s property near Kaniva in June 2018.This podcast explores some of the observations from the day and […]

BCG In Focus – Profitable Integration Of Livestock And Cropping

BCG extension manager, Ciara Cullen, recently caught up with Birchip farmer Robbie Lee and BCG livestock officer Alison Frischke to discuss the profitable integration of livestock and cropping.For a mixed farm to operate at its full potential, the two components (livestock and cropping) need to work better than the individual components alone.This BCG in Focus […]

2017 MFD: Weeds – Gurjeet Gill (Uni Ade) Shielded Sprayers – Linc Lehmann (Kinnabulla farmer)& Amy Smith (BCG)

University of Adelaide researcher Gurjeet Gill discussed with growers different emerging weeds and their management at the BCG Main Field Day in September 2017. Following his presentation, Kinnabulla farmer Linc Lehmann explained to the crowd why he built his own shielded sprayer and how he uses it on his property.

2017 MFD: Disease Management – Mark McClean (Ag Vic), Kelly Turkington (Canada) And Mel Cook (Ag Vic)

Agriculture Victoria researcher Mark McClean and Mel Cook discussed with growers disease management and 2016 trials results at the BCG Main Field Day in September 2017.

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