Selecting a location for your soil moisture probe with Cameron Taylor and Dale Boyd

Lubeck farmer, Cameron Taylor, asks soil moisture probe expert Dale Boyd from Agriculture Victoria all the questions you want/need to know about selecting the right location and collecting data from your soil moisture probe.

Soil moisture probe placement with Dale Boyd (Agriculture Victoria)

Dale Boyd from Agriculture Victoria is well known for his insight into using soil moisture probes on broadacre and livestock farms. In this video, he explains how to select a location for your soil moisture probe and the process that occurs in installation.

Managing Standing Crops for Grazing

Have you considered using a standing crop to fill the late spring and summer feed gaps? Feeding sheep can be time consuming and often requires extra resources and double handling of feed – especially when you could be taking a break. A ‘Standing Crop’ refers to a cereal crop that has been sown and grown […]

FWFA Project Summary

What’s the chance of next week or next month being extremely wet (decile 9 & 10)? What’s the chance of having a hot (decile 9 & 10) week in three or four weeks’ time or a very hot month, next month, or the month after? What’s the chance of having a very dry (decile 1 […]

An Introduction to The Managing Brome in Canola Trial

What options will we have to manage brome once it becomes resistant to Group B herbicides?  The answer to this question being investigated by the Managing Brome in Canola Trial managed by Dr Gurjeet Gill, from the University of Adelaide, and funded by GRDC. The trial is investigating the use of combinations of management practices […]

BCG Main Site Trials for 2020

With sowing for the 2020 season well underway and the 2020 Main Site announced in February, we can now give you a run-down of some of the trials which will be at the 2020 Main Site at Curyo as well as trials which will be at the Wimmera Main Site at Rupanyup.  Starting with the Mallee, once again BCG are sowing wheat, barley, canola, lentils, chickpea, field pea and vetch at our Main Site at Curyo, these trials […]

2020 Extension Update

As you are aware, a lot has changed in the world in the past three months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has, and will continue to impact how we can gather and interact, as well as how information is extended from BCG to growers. As a result, for the next 3 months, we are planning for all extension activities […]

A WORD FROM THE CEO: Picking a Winner

Picking a winner is hard. Our BCG staff social punters’ club is evidence of that. (Full disclosure of personal monies spent available from James (Waterhouse) Murray.)   Since returning to BCG, I have enjoyed re-connecting with farmers across the region, discussing with them their businesses, challenges and successes. What has become evident is that in […]

A WORD FROM THE CHAIR: Business Not as Usual

It seems our lives are on pause coping with COVID-19, however, in the agricultural space, we are endeavouring, with the modification of on farm operations, to continue to produce food for Australia and the world. The workload on farm recently has been as normal as possible, with the grading of lambs and dispatching to the […]

Meet the Team – Tom Draffen

What is your role at BCG and what will you be doing?  My role at BCG is Senior Manager of Extension and Communication. Within BCG I will be overseeing and (hopefully) enhancing the communication and extension program. The research work that BCG undertakes has relevance to the greater farming community and I will be helping […]

Is it soilborne disease?

Planting cereals early into warm, moist soil can enable crops to establish well, but from mid-winter to spring the growth of crops that initially appear healthy may look uneven, prompting questions about the cause. Dr Alan McKay, principal scientist in soil biology and molecular diagnostics at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the […]

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