A word from the CEO

Help is at hand Farming, as we all know, is about many things: resilience, knowledge, experience, co-operation, plain old good luck. It is also about planning. The ability to plan relies on a clear head and the provision of time to allow that clear head to function most effectively. Plans need to be made when the […]

Training for the unexpected

As a farming community, we know and understand that the unexpected should be very much expected. Each year throws up a new scenario or set of circumstances that we must navigate. Farmers have been trained to expect and manage this inevitable unpredictability.   But are we training hard enough?  Are our businesses going to get through the toughest of […]

Keeping calm and carrying on

Uncertainty about the ‘season’ is part of farming. Each year confronts us with a new set of possibilities. This season, across the region, farmers are refining skills in the art of dry sowing. Reflections on past experiences of dry starts are informing current practice. We have been here before. BCG is impressed by the way […]

Starting afresh

The 2021 cropping season presents farmers across the region with an opportunity to start with a clean slate. With it comes the chance to implement new ideas and strategies and to continue the pursuit of achieving profitable outcomes. Central to this is to continue to build a long-term sustainable future. It is an exciting prospect […]

The end of 2020

People across Australia are more than ready to farewell 2020. The pressures of COVID-19 and the restrictions, the home schooling, the forced isolation and the tension of waiting for the daily statistics will stay with us for a long time. I believe that we have also learned from the experience and as the farming community […]

A word from the CEO

Regenerative farming in the Wimmera MalleeThroughout 2020, BCG has had increased involvement in the conversations focusing on regenerative farming. Its principles, as well as the associated practices, have been researched and considered for some time with many of them being implemented on Wimmera and Mallee farms for years. Earlier in the year, BCG was successful […]


BCG: busy and diverse During July, BCG was involved in some exciting work and participated in wide-reaching discussions. The Industry Crop Walk was attended by 60 agronomists from across the region. Participating in two hours of professional development at BCG’s industry site at Whirily, agronomists moved around the trial sites in teams. They met with […]

A Word From the CEO – Optimism

Despite a relatively dry June across the region, the Bureau of Meteorology’s ENSOOutlook shift to a La Nina WATCH has everyone feeling cautiously optimistic for the remainder of the season. The BCG research program in 2020 has increased to almost 10,000 plots across 24 locations and 35 paddocks being sown. This highlights an increased effort […]

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