BCG sowing update

We’ve been very busy between the last sowing update and now. We’ve worked to get trials in the ground, have picked up additional trials on short notice, overcome hurdles that always seem to pop up in busy times with some conditions not being in our favour. We continue to be flexible to complete the program […]

How the dry start is affecting canola

The start of the season was a test for canola with dry conditions and small rain events resulting in late and in some cases, poor establishment. A sowing depth trial at Watchupga funded by GRDC showed it was the year to ensure seed placement was not too deep. A distinct difference was also observed comparing an open […]

For frost’s sake: the mower got out again

Sown on the fifteenth of April and irrigated with 10mm, early sown wheat is flying along at one of our main research sites at Watchupga. Part of a research project looking at frost mitigation strategies, treatments of this trial were defoliated with a mower on June 21 to simulate grazing. Jointly funded by The Yitpi […]

Southern Mallee Oaten Hay Trial Yields

The BCG team have been busy taking dry matter assessments to coincide with widespread hay cutting occurring across the Wimmera and Mallee. With the help of a drying oven or two, we have been able to ‘bale up’ the preliminary yield results for you. A trial was established at Curyo in the Southern Mallee with […]

Resisting Resistance – Making sure insecticides continue to do their job

We’ve seen it with herbicides and it’s happening with insecticides too. Resistance development. The trouble with insecticides is, it’s harder to pick up and our alternative chemical options are very limited. Globally, there are more than 580 documented cases of invertebrate pests evolving resistance to one or more of 325 unique chemicals. Closer to home, […]

Oaten Hay for Export

Approximately one third of all Australian commercial scale farms across Australia produce hay each year. Export quality oaten hay demands a price premium but achieving quality standards set by hay buyers along with optimal yields can be tricky. BCG is currently running its second of three years of trial work as part of the National […]

Post-Sowing Review: How are your Plant Numbers Stacking Up?

Whether it happened at 1am with a coffee to keep you going or 1pm while listening to a podcast, much of the seed for this season is in the ground and working its way to the surface if it hasn’t already made it up.    Paddock establishment surveys as part of a GRDC funded project – optimising plant establishment, undertaken by […]

Russian Wheat Aphid: what’s happening in the Wimmera and Mallee this season?

As we near the Spring months, conditions warm up and pest populations will increase along with the temperatures. Russian wheat aphid (RWA), first found in Australia in 2016, is a relatively new pest for Australian cropping systems. Although the behaviour and populations of RWA in Australia are not yet fully understood, it is known that […]

Managing early sown wheat in a dry season

Take home messages Winter wheats sown early can match but not exceed yields of locally adapted spring wheats sown in their optimal window (eg. Scepter sown late April-early May). It is only advantageous to sow winter wheats early if they are replacing paddocks that would otherwise be sown too late, or used for dual purpose. […]

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Canola phenology

Take home messages Selecting mid-fast hybrid varieties with flexible phenology in the Wimmera is a good risk management option, which also has yield potential when seasonal conditions are favourable. Fast hybrids have performed well but avoid the temptation to plant these early if an early break eventuates. Selecting slow developing varieties comes with added risk […]

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