Local BCG research progresses with spring weather

Recent warm weather has produced an expected spike in visits by BCG researchers to trial sites across the Wimmera Mallee to collect results and protect their vital research from disease and insects. “The warm weather means our crops are flowering, insects such as Heliothis and Etiella are taking flight and need to be managed. We […]

Building drought resilience through planning

BCG Chairman and Birchip farmer John Ferrier is encouraging local farmers to actively plan for drought by providing feedback to the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, funded by the federal government’s Department of Agriculture Water and Environment’s 5 billion Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund initiative. The Hub is actively seeking this vital information […]

Meet the team – Lynden Burns

BCG is pleased to welcome its newest member Lynden Burns. Growing up in the Mallee, Lynden has a strong background in events and marketing and will be joining the Extension & Communication team. What is your background?  I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm at Tempy, just an hour north of Birchip. I […]

Farmers won’t miss out on key research

BCG will ensure farmers still have access to the latest agronomic research and information, despite regional Victoria’s lockdown which has resulted in the cancellation of BCG’s Main Field Day to be held on 8 September. BCG CEO Fiona Best said while the field day is cancelled, the organisation is committed to ensuring growers don’t miss […]

COVIDSafe Event Checklist for the BCG Tomorrow Farmer event on 20/8/2021.

BCG has registered the Tomorrow Farmer event with the Department of Jobs Precincts and Regions (DJPR). The event has been determined as a Tier 3 event and as such does not require formal DJPR approval. However a copy of the COVIDSafe Event Checklist, below, is required to be published on our website. For any further […]

BCG’s Brooke Bennett receives funding for wheat research

BCG’s Researcher Brooke Bennett has received funding from the Yitpi Foundation to investigate the suitability of new, long coleoptile wheat varieties in farming systems in southern Australia. Ms Bennett said she hopes the work will give farmers knowledge on how to best implement these new varieties into their farming system. “The findings of this work may mean […]

New Goldacres plot sprayer to increase BCG’s research capacity

BCG has taken possession of a new custom-built 14 metre Goldacres plot sprayer. BCG’s Senior Manager of Research, James Murray, said his team was very appreciative that Goldacres had covered 50 percent of the cost of the plot sprayer as a donation to BCG. “This generosity means BCG’s research capacity has increased by a third. […]

Register for BCG Industry Day 24th August

BCG is inviting advisers to BCG Industry Day, which due to the COVID-19 restrictions has been postponed from Wednesday 28th July until Wednesday the 4th August. The event, to be held at BCG’s Main Research Site at Watchupga will provide agricultural advisers with a first look at the latest local agronomic research.  BCG Senior Extension […]

Tomorrow Farmer event now Friday 20 Aug: REGISTER NOW

Good communication leads to farm success. BCG’s Tomorrow Farmer event, rescheduled to Friday 20th of August, is a customised event focusing on communication within the farm business.  BCG is hosting this event with funding from FRRR’s In a good place due to farmer feedback regarding the consequences poor communication can have on the farm business, […]

BCG promotes agriculture through work experience

Tyrrell College Sea Lake student Will Conlan undertook a week of work experience with BCG during the last week of the school term. During his week, the year ten student learnt various research monitoring techniques, visited research trial sites and learnt the implications for growers. Will also gained an understanding of the maintenance requirements of […]

Structured Workplace Learning at BCG

BCG is proud to be part of the Department of Education and Training’s Structured Workplace Learning program being so actively promoted by Birchip P-12 School. BCG CEO Fiona Best believes the program provides students with the opportunity to integrate on-the-job experience with secondary study. “Structured Workplace Learning provides enhanced skill development, practical application of industry […]

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