Looking to the future at BCG’s Main Field Day—Wed 14 Sept 

Spring is not far away which means a welcome return to our flagship event, the BCG Main Field Day on Wednesday 14 September.   This year, the event focuses on reinvigoration and looking to the future for what gains can be made to support our farm businesses and communities. Over 50 trials will be on display […]

Celebrating the positive start!

The feeling of the farming community is positive with one of the best starts to the season we have seen for a long time. With good late autumn rains received throughout much of the region, farmers have been able to sow the majority of their crops in a very timely window. The welcome rains, albeit […]

A word from the Chair

Each year in farming it feels like there is always a curve ball: in 2022 it’s input prices! BCG’s age-old mantra fits again here: focus on what you can control. We can use the following points to do so, helping to inform our decision (and improve our comfort factor): knowing our cost of production knowing […]

John Ferrier BCG Chairman

Taking a break

Taking a break I’ve enjoyed some time away from the farm with family and friends over the month of January and I hope you did too (or have something planned for the near future). Taking a break from the farm, whether it’s to the beach, golf course, or favourite fishing spot, it’s so important! It […]

John Ferrier BCG Chairman

“If you think safety is expensive, try having an accident!” 

These are the words of one of our employees last year, who is also a pilot, talking about safety on farm. While I know safety should always be our first priority, linking it to cost certainly made me sit up a little straighter.   As farmers we are only too aware of how much things cost, fertiliser, chemicals, land […]

John Ferrier BCG Chairman

The Word from the Chair

As farmers we often concentrate on climate, rainfall, agronomy and farm business. It was rewarding to read two books recently published that stimulated my thinking and I recommend both to you. The first by Dr Kate Burke: Crops, People Money and You – The Art of Excellent Farming. Kate describes herself as a practical and […]

John Ferrier BCG Chairman

A steady start

The year so far and the growing season rainfall has been slow and steady as we wait for a general, widespread rain to give growers more confidence in the rest of the season. Recent smaller rainfall events and the forecasts for future events later in the week, will benefit the crops that have been sown […]

John Ferrier BCG Chairman

The start of cropping season

Sowing Easter is upon us which, on our farm, means another cropping season has started. While in north west Victoria we are working on getting our crops in the ground despite receiving less summer rainfall than in recent years, also in our thoughts are those affected by floods along the east coast of Australia. The […]

A beekeeper’s harvest

Congratulations Kate Maddern Rhodes Scholarship On behalf of the board I would like to congratulate BCG Research Agronomist, Kate Maddern, who has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Victorian Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. We are wish her all the best with her studies. Harm van Rees Award Recently I visited the BCG Main Site at […]

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