Technical Bulletin – 3 October 2019

Frosty conditions have kept growers on alert to assess potential levels of frost damage. In the Mallee, crops are really starting to change colour and hay cutting is underway. In the Wimmera, some vetch has been cut which has been prompted by the warm conditions and crops are generally about to flower or at are flowering. The potential is still there but a rain is needed to finish it off.     Table  1. Rainfall and deciles […]
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Do you have a problem with barley grass on your farm?

BCG in conjunction with GRDC and Adelaide University have 12 free barley grass resistance tests on offer this spring as part of the GRDC project, demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in the low rainfall farming systems. BCG are running a 3 year trial at Nullawil, comparing four […]

A word from the BCG Chair

The anticipation that comes from having such healthy looking crops in Spring is exciting. That anticipation is balanced with our experience telling us there is plenty that can happen between now and harvest. Last year reminded us of the value of fodder, and what about the livestock? So many important business decisions need to be made! An […]

Parents’ retreat back at the Main Field Day

Parents of young children will be able to catch a moment of peace and quiet at this years’ BCG Main Field Day thanks to the support of long-term BCG partner Rural Bank. For the second year, a parents’ retreat at the BCG Main Field Day will offer parents access to facilities for nappy changing, breast […]

Learn about using standing crops to graze sheep at this year’s BCG Main Field Day

Generally, if a farmer were to graze their cereal crops it would be prior to stem elongation (GS31) to avoid penalties to grain yield, or they would use the crop as pasture and graze two or three times until biomass was exhausted. However, the project ‘Using standing crops to finish lambs and improve summer groundcover […]

Technical Bulletin – 21 August 2019

Rain in some regions has meant more spreading and spraying for growers. The northern Mallee needs follow up rain soon while in other areas, fungicide application decisions particularly in canola, chickpeas and cereals are being made. Late weed control sprays are also keeping Wimmera growers busy.   Table 1. Rainfall and deciles across the Wimmera […]
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WeedSmart is bringing WeedSmart Week to the Wimmera!

Growers and agronomists who want to stay ahead of the game, learn more about the sustainable use of herbicides and effective long-term weed control, are invited to attend the 2019 WeedSmart Week event in Horsham later this month. Starting on Tuesday 27 August, WeedSmart Week will focus on delivering the latest information about the WeedSmart […]

Get your seasonal climate and soil moisture questions answered at the BCG Main Field Day 

Come to the much-anticipated BCG Main Field Day on September 11, to get your questions answered by Agriculture Victoria Seasonal Risk Agronomists Dale Grey and Dale Boyd.   Mr Boyd manages the Agriculture Victoria soil moisture probe network which cover the whole state and includes both cropping and pasture paddocks.   The BCG Main Field Day paddock is the home to one of the moisture probes in the Agriculture […]

Technical Bulletin – 7 August 2019

  With the welcomed calm conditions over the past couple of weeks, growers throughout the district have been busy spreading and spraying operations. Hopefully the approaching cold fronts, due at the end of the week, bring some more rain. The spraying focus has generally been on broadleaf control in cereals, late grass weed management and […]
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Raising the bar in canola production in the Mallee

Cam Taylor, BCG Business and Innovation Manager, believes there are still significant production gains to be made in canola in the Mallee and Wimmera. “Even in the tough years, like 2018 in the Mallee, canola performed better than wheat and lentils when sown into a fallow paddock” Mr Taylor said. Table 1. Birchip main trial […]

Mixed Farming Forum to be held at Wallup

If you’re a mixed farmer from the Wimmera or Mallee, don’t miss the FREE ‘Mixed Farming Forum’ at the Wallup Hall on Thursday 8 August. The program features topics including: grazing crops and stubbles feed management to optimise sheep production integrating ag tech into a sheep enterprise making good decisions to pull it all together. […]

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