Technical Bulletin – 24 July 2019

There is a lot happening in the Wimmera and Mallee with crops growing, diseases setting in, nutrition responses appearing, some insect pressure and weeds getting bigger. Keeping on top of logistics is the challenge in between wind, showers and wet paddocks, although we never say no to rain! It is important to prioritise workload so […]
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Technical Bulletin – 10 July 2019

In the Mallee, recent rainfall was timely and wide spread. Those with soil water are more than happy while others, in the northern regions, will be looking for ‘the next rain’ soon. The first round of top-dressing is finished and in some early sown barley, ‘the gate has closed’ on opportunities for more spreading. In […]
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Communication – the key to family & business success

The “people factor” in farming businesses is the central theme of a free event, ‘Talking Farming – Crucial Conversations’ to be held in Nhill next Thursday 11 July at the Nhill Football Clubrooms.   Delivered by the Birchip Cropping Croup, highlights of this event include keynote speaker Judy Wilkinson a business continuance consultant from South Australia and panel discussions including ‘Conversations with my younger self’, […]

Watchem community embracing technology

Like countless Country Fire Association branches across Victoria, the Watchem branch of the CFA counts many members of the farming community amongst its members.  It is no wonder then, that Watchem CFA jumped at the generous opportunity offered to them by the LX group in Sydney to fund a base station as part of the […]

Welcome Angela Mazur

What is your role at BCG and what will you be doing?  I am a Communications Officer at BCG. I will be doing what I can to find innovative ways to share the research that the BCG staff work tirelessly on. I will be working with Louisa and the rest of the BCG team on communicating the wide range of […]

Welcome Amy Harwood

Tell us a bit about your background?   I am from Ballarat; however, the family farm is in the Beaufort-Streatham area. I studied a Bachelor of Agriculture at the University of Melbourne with a major in Plant and Soil Science, graduating in December 2018. I worked summers from 2015-2017 at Broadbent Bulk Storage facility in the weighbridge and […]

Talking Farming event set to tackle ‘crucial conversations’

What are the challenges for agriculture in the next fifty years and how can young farmers manage them? Join us in Nhill on Thursday 11 July for ‘Talking Farming – Crucial Conversations’ to find out. This event is free for anyone involved in working in or on the family farming business and wants to tackle […]

Technical Bulletin – 26 June 2019

Severe frosts in consecutive days have made logistics challenging and cool conditions have really slowed down crop growth. This weekend in the Mallee up to 10mm is forecast while in the Wimmera falls of 8 to 15mm are expected. Wimmera growers have focussed on early in-crop sprays and for some, just completing their PSPE spray […]
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Welcome Kate

BCG welcomed Kate Finger recently as a Project Officer in Business Development and Innovation. Kate first came to the Wimmera and Mallee thanks to the Agriculture Victoria Agronomist Development Program in 2018. This program gave her experience in research at Agriculture Victoria in Mildura, with agronomists at Agrivision in Swan Hill and in research and […]

Yield Prophet®: automatic soil selection and more!

BCG is making it easier for people to use Yield Prophet®. Some users told us that they find it challenging to select the right soil characterisation when setting up a new paddock. We listened, and  as a result users are now able to have the soil characterisation for their paddocks automatically selected based on the […]

Weather forecasting is an incredibly complex business

Ask a farmer what would help them most, and chances are, accurate weather forecasts will be close to the top of the list. There’s no doubt that there have been some incredible advances in technology in recent years, and yet, from time to time, the Bureau’s forecasts don’t end up exactly as predicted. But when […]

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