A word from the Chairman: Rain, coffee and communication

The seeding program is complete and timely rain has provided a positive start to the season. In reflecting on the last six weeks, I see how important good communication throughout the process of seeding is imperative for efficient and timely operation. Communication methods have changed dramatically in the past twenty years and we all expect […]

Returning Sheep from Containment to Paddocks

Sheep held in containment are beginning to, or soon will be, released to paddocks now pastures have emerged and are soaking up the sun and rains. The change in feed from containment rations to paddock can be quite sudden and cause digestive issues, so care must be taken in making the transition. You can lose […]

Technical Bulletin – 29 May 2019

Rainfall over the weekend was timely heralding a good start to the growing season. Now that Mallee has concluded sowing, growers are busy inspecting for insects, rolling lentils, early SOA or urea applications and early grass weeds control. The Wimmera is roughly three-quarters of the way through sowing with a few expected to finish at […]
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Optimising Plant Establishment

The first few weeks of a crop’s life are crucial. Seedlings are set up in these early growth stages to access water, nutrients and sunlight and compete with weeds, pests and diseases. A four-year GRDC-funded investment ‘Optimising plant establishment, density and spacings to maximise crop yield and profit in the southern and western regions’ aims […]

Technical Bulletin – 16 May 2019

Timely rain across much of the region has lifted confidence, particularly for those with stored soil water. The exception is the west Wimmera area that received modest falls. Sowing programs are well advanced in the Mallee (70-80% completed), whilst about half of the crop is sown in the Wimmera. It’s interesting to note the BCG […]
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Getting the most out of making, storing and selling hay

Hay has proven to be a viable enterprise choice this year. Current high prices are primarily due to prolonged dry conditions in New South Wales and Queensland creating significant demand and growers who’ve carefully preserved their – previously considered worthless – hay have been able to extract handy margins despite the low rainfall in local […]

Understanding canola hay quality and feeding to livestock

In 2006, canola hay was produced across the region however, it gained a bad reputation as merely ‘sticks inside string’ due to the timing and treatment of the hay that was made. Now it’s time to reconsider the value of the product and with the right methods, canola can make excellent hay and silage, and livestock […]

New Wimmera BCG Board Member

Tim Rethus, a Wimmera farmer from near Horsham, was welcomed to the BCG Board at the BCG Annual General Meeting held on Monday 29 October. Tim farms a 100 per cent dryland winter cropping enterprise with his brother Luke, father Geoff and long-time worker Glenn. Simon Craig, Consultant/Director Farm 360, who joined the BCG Board […]

Growers flock to spray application workshops across western Victoria

Hands on demonstrations and discussion about the regulatory and agronomic considerations of effective spray applications were features of the recent spray application workshops held across western Victoria. Funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and coordinated by the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), the events were held in St. Arnaud, Pyramid Hill, Manangatang and […]

Management options for regrowth in maturing crops

The combination of an early finish to the growing season and recent rainfall holds several potential implications for growers to consider. Among them, regrowth in crops that still have a touch of green. The level of regrowth, if any, is highly dependent on the amount of rainfall received and subsequent temperatures, and growers are urged […]

A word from the Chairman: When the small stuff bites, think big.

Not a single drop. That’s what fell at our place for September. In August I was pleased to see we passed our worst ever year according to our farm records, the 95mm we received in 1982. However since then it has been windy and getting warmer and the BoM have just released data showing it […]

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