BCG honours oilseeds disease expert Steve Marcroft

Oilseeds disease expert Steve Marcroft has been honoured by BCG with the Harm van Rees Award for his efforts to minimise canola disease. BCG CEO Fiona Best said: “Steve has been instrumental in developing many practices currently used in Australia to minimise disease in canola, particularly the impact of blackleg which wiped out crops in the […]

GRDC Pulse Extension: Southern Pulse Agronomy Digital Crop Walk

As part of the GRDC Pulse Extension Project – BCG have created a digital crop walk with Agriculture Victoria researchers Jason Brand, Josh Fanning, Audrey Delahunty and Mitchell Fromm. This has been made possible with funding from GRDC’s Pulse Extension project.

GRDC Harvester Forums 2020

Grain losses during harvesting equate to significant lost income for growers across Australia every year. To support growers in their efforts to reduce harvest losses and improve operations at harvest time, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has funded a national project  ‘Optimising harvest losses, efficiency and weed seed control; and capacity building for future […]

Birchip Business shows support for BCG

Birchip’s main thoroughfare is transforming thanks to a combination of public projects and private enterprise. While a long-awaited Cumming Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project is expected to commence shortly, local business owner Tom McLoughlan Jnr has undertaken a private business revitalisation project of his own by revamping the well-known Smale’s Farm Equipment into YBS Ag Supplies. […]

Hay Market Snapshot – When will hay prices turn around?

The cereal hay market has been doughy for months and prices are being pressured by the sales of carryover stock, so when will hay prices turn around? Selling pressure has pushed Victorian old crop cereal hay, testing around 9.5 ME and 10% protein, down to $170 to $200 a tonne ex Wimmera Mallee farm and […]

Farmer in Focus – Matt Scott, Pyramid Hill

Matt, thanks for agreeing to be this month’s Farmer in Focus! Can you give us a bit of background on yourself, your family and your farm? Our property is called Pinelea. We’re situated in the Terricks east of Pyramid Hill. I work on the farm with my wife Gemma and parents Andrew and Marie. We […]

The Goldacres G6 Series 2

The Goldacres G6 Series 2 is the latest edition to the Goldacres range of Australian built sprayers – Faster, Smarter, Stronger – setting new standards in the Australian sprayer market. With feedback from owners and operators, combined with advances in engineering Goldacres have created the next generation G6 Crop Cruiser, the series 2.Central to the […]

Yitpi Foundation backs Birchip Cropping Group to bolster frost knowledge

Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) researcher, Genevieve Clarke will lead a new research effort in 2021 looking at frost mitigation strategies for the Wimmera Mallee. The research, which is financially supported by the Yitpi Foundation, will investigate how variety selection, sowing time and grazing may impact phenology and frost induced sterility in wheat. Frost is a […]

BCG – Cancellation of face-to-face events (for now)

Following the advice from the Victorian DHHS – BCG employees are working from home over the next six weeks, wearing our masks in the office, and ensuring that all our staff are compliant with the restrictions. We’re proud to see our community doing their part to keep others safe. What it means for our extension […]

Farmer in Focus – Rhylie and Brayden Botheras

Brayden Botheras in the crop at Narraport – pic: BCG This month BCG caught up with Narraport Young Farmers Brayden and Rhylie Botheras, for a socially distanced interview over the phone. The brothers from Narraport and the third generation to work the family property. Rhylie and Brayden (Bobbo) have already helped expand the operation purchasing […]

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