Weed Control

With different formulations of glyphosate on the market now, make sure you know which one you are using for, compatibility with other products. Reports from the feild are the new 3 salt action – Crucial® Glyphosate 600g/L, has been working fast in knockdowns.

Keep an eye out for Mice

Reports indicate there are still plenty of mice around. Anecdotally later harvested barley paddocks along with pulse paddocks appear to be worse. Keep monitoring paddocks, as there are reports of paddocks that have been baited and still finding plenty of activity.

Paddock Inspections

It is important to go back and check emerging crops, not only for weed or insect issues but any seeder mishaps while there is still time to rectify them. It’s also a good opportunity to see how your seeding system is working and if you are achieving your targeted sowing rates. – Claire Brown, BCG

Pest Advice 25/05/2020

“Given the green bridge we have had leading into sowing this year, there are some pests that will need closer monitoring to make sure there are no outbreaks early in the growing season,” – Kelly Angel, Senior Manager Operations at BCG

Watch Out for Wireworm

BCG Staff recently spoke to growers in the Wimmera about the discovery of Wireworm in a Canola crop, resulting in approximately 120 hectares of Canola being re-sown on one property near Murtoa. Damage to Canola was also reported at a property at Natimuk. 

WCMA Building Carbon and Capacity Project Update

BCG with support from the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program are moving into the second year of the WCMA ‘Building Carbon and Capacity’ Project researching the relationship between soil amelioration techniques and soil carbon. By solving soil constraints through soil amelioration BCG hopes to be able to […]

Sowing update – May 2020

Before the rain event on Anzac Day, BCG started sowing the bulk of our 2020 trial program, completing approximately 13% of our trials prior to the downpour. We had also completed the first time of sowing (TOS) for four other trials with further sowing times required. These trials were sown across a number of locations, including Hopetoun, Ultima, Curyo, Whirily, Lubeck and Rupanyup. Included in this […]

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