ADM Trading Australia Market update

A massive Chinese buying spree for soy beans, corn and to a lesser degree wheat has driven markets along during recent months. August to October saw a weather premium build in wheat pricing as dryness spread across the Northern Hemisphere, this weather premium was then halved during the dryness is still there but this is […]

Meet the Team – Ashlee Tierney, Mel Hawthorne & Ruby Cook

During the busy harvest period, our purpose build laboratory comes to life. Each year our resources are bolstered with a team of harvest casuals to help process the grain samples that are taken from our trial plots to ensure BCG researchers are able to focus on data analysis, assessment and result interpretation.  The work is […]

Summer soil sampling in 2021

The benefits of soil sampling include:  establishing the current nutrient status of your soil to provide the basis for future strategies  indicate the ameliorants required to correct a soil’s possible physical and chemical property imbalances  identify factors that may be limiting crop and pasture production  improved farm profitability through efficient soil fertility management  assists in the […]

Take a hat trick in 2021

Growers in the Wimmera and Southern Mallee are calling stumps at the end of a second consecutive above average season when it comes to grain yield and biomass production. If growers are looking to make it a hat-trick – getting the basics right at the start of the season will ensure they have the best […]

BCG & GoResources – Safflower Harvest Webinar

This pre harvest panel discussion is an opportunity for interested growers to tune in to learn more about the practicalities of harvesting Safflower. The webinar will provide information on how to assess when SHO safflower will be ready for harvest, how to set up a header for harvest and watch-outs, tips and thoughts when harvesting. […]

GRDC Pulse Extension – Gymbowen Video Crop Walk

Join us on a digital crop walk of the Southern Pulse Agronomy – Gymbowen Research Site as part of the GRDC Southern Pulse Extension Project.

GRDC Pulse Extension: Southern Pulse Agronomy Digital Crop Walk

As part of the GRDC Pulse Extension Project – BCG have created a digital crop walk with Agriculture Victoria researchers Jason Brand, Josh Fanning, Audrey Delahunty and Mitchell Fromm. This has been made possible with funding from GRDC’s Pulse Extension project.

GRDC Harvester Forums 2020

Grain losses during harvesting equate to significant lost income for growers across Australia every year. To support growers in their efforts to reduce harvest losses and improve operations at harvest time, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has funded a national project  ‘Optimising harvest losses, efficiency and weed seed control; and capacity building for future […]

Birchip Business shows support for BCG

Birchip’s main thoroughfare is transforming thanks to a combination of public projects and private enterprise. While a long-awaited Cumming Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project is expected to commence shortly, local business owner Tom McLoughlan Jnr has undertaken a private business revitalisation project of his own by revamping the well-known Smale’s Farm Equipment into YBS Ag Supplies. […]

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