BCG in Focus – mice movements and myths with CSIRO researcher Steve Henry

Mice movements and myths with CSIRO researcher Steve Henry

CSIRO researcher Steve Henry visited the BCG offices in Birchip in October 2017 during one of his regular monitoring trips which sees him travelling thousands of kilometres each trip.

With mice wreaking havoc for Wimmera and Mallee growers this season, the BCG in Focus podcast sat down with Mr Henry to get a handle on what mice have been up to, the extent of the problem and what implications this could have heading into next year.

This episode of the BCG in Focus podcast is produced by BCG and proudly brought to you by BASF, innovative crop protection solutions for Australian farmers. With a strong R&D pipeline, an innovative product portfolio and experts in the lab and field, BASF is committed to supporting its customers in making their businesses succeed.BASFBCGBirchip Cropping GroupMiceMouseagriculturefarmingfarmfarmerfarmersgrainsgraincropcropping

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