BCG sowing program well underway


BCG’s sowing program is well underway with roughly thirty percent of the program already in the ground. BCG Operations Manager Genevieve Clarke said the ideal conditions had given the organisation’s trials program the perfect start: “The soil is still warm and with the rain we have had we are already seeing some of our canola and early sown wheat at Nullawil out of the ground. This includes our time of sowing wheat trial which we would normally have to irrigate but the rain came at the right time which was great.

“Our canola is now in, the majority of which is part of the GRDC National Variety Trials located at Hopetoun, Diggora, Charlton and Birchip. Our Safflower Time of Sowing trials at Nullawil, Time of Sowing pulses at Mitamo as well as some other trials are also in the ground.”

James Murray checking the boots for blockages in moist conditions at the Warne Main Site

The next few weeks will be extremely busy for the BCG team with plans to sow trials at: Nullawil, Kalkee, Mitiamo, Charlton, Diggora, Walpeup, Quambatook, Balranald, Hopetoun, Merrinee, Ultima, Kaniva, Colbinabbin, Eastville, Curyo, Warne, Watchupga, Birchip, Jil Jil, Lubeck, Meatian, Murrayville, Netherby, Ouyen and Rainbow.

“Next week we will move into the optimum sowing window for most crop types which will mean we will have our work cut out for us. We have two sowing teams and the plan is to sow generally from the more northern sites to the southern sites. If, however we have a big dump of rain in the north for example, we will change plans and work around this, just as farmers do,” said Genevieve.

BCG is sowing approximately 130 trials in 2022 with research spanning from Balranald to Kaniva from varieties to nutrition, herbicides and agronomics.

Clouds build overhead as the BCG Trials Team works hard to get the first time of sowing trials in the ground.

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