BCG staff recognised


BCG staff members Alison Frischke and Chris Cook were recognised for ten and five years of service respectively at BCG’s Trials Review Day held in February.

CEO Fiona Best said “Alison and Chris are committed BCG staff members who deliver high quality outcomes for our members and partners. BCG is very fortunate to have such knowledgeable people in our team willing to share their expertise with us and the broader farming community.” 

Alison is a key contributor in both Extension and Research outputs for BCG. While she is known primarily for sharing her extensive sheep management knowledge, Alison also provides valuable input across much of BCG’s work including member engagement, event delivery and recently, the Natural Capital Project. 

Chris is an essential member of the technical staff at BCG. He is responsible for delivering BCG’s operational activities in the field including sowing, spreading, spraying, harvest and maintenance of BCG equipment. Chris also contributes to BCG with his photography. Many of the paddock-level images you see in BCG publications are taken by Chris.

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