Behind the scenes of the Main Film Day

Have you seen the new BCG Virtual Main Research Site? The website features an interactive map of the 2020 BCG Main Research Site at Curyo, information on many of the trials at the site, as well as information on a number of our trials from various other sites. 

Unfortunately this year we were not able to show you around our 2020 Main Research Site in person at the Main Field Day, but with the virtual Main Research Site, you can look around online.

Due to the restrictions on movement brought about by COVID-19 – We filmed most of the content ‘in-house’ using some fairly basic equipment and with a decent number of re-takes on one day in late August.

Tom Draffen filming Gen Clarke looking at blackleg in canola

The BCG researchers did a great job filming content for the Digital Research site while also undertaking their programmed operations.

Our team are skilled researchers and scientists but none of us are professional actors or directors, so we were all a bit nervous at the start of filming.

Everyone did an excellent job, and with three cameras plus a drone filming throughout the day, we managed to stick to a tight schedule, filming all the content for 11 of the trials!

Gen Clarke spraying a canola trial in between film calls

We have had ongoing support through our corporate sponsors to turn this idea into a reality and we’ve learnt some key lessons that we can hopefully transition into a bigger and better digital site in the future.

The site is now live, we hope you enjoy exploring the 2020 Virtual BCG Main Research Site!

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