The economics of blackleg control

Australia’s oilseed expert, Dr Steve Macroft, will discuss the economics of managing blackleg at BCG’s Trials Review Day on Friday 19th of February at the Birchip Leisure Centre. Research into blackleg control has shown new fungicide actives and timing recommendations have produced large yield responses. However, these are variable ranging from nil to 20% yield […]

Vic National Hay Agronomy Update:

BCG Oaten Hay Trial at Curyo trial evaluating the use of PGR Moddus®Evo @ 200mL/ha on lodging and hay quality. We’ve seen a visible effect on height and maturity of Durack sown 5 May, PGR applied 10 August at GS32 (foreground). BCG have sown Wintaroo, Brusher, Yallara, Mulgara, Koorabup, Carrolup, Durack and Bannister at the […]

Effects of Deep Ripping on Pulse Root Structure

The images below show the effects that deep ripping has had on the root structure of pulses growing on ripped and unripped soil. The site at Netherby, hosted by RobCo, has two major soil constraints: non-wetting sandy top soil, and a hard setting clay pan at approximately 15-20cm deep. A section of the trial was […]

Vetch TOS at Pyramid Hill south site

TOS1 was sown on May 4 and TOS 2 was sown on 26 May. These photos were taken on 31 July and show the differences in 2 varieties between the two sowing times. While only 21 days difference, the variance in growth is large. The maturity groups are as follow: Timok: MidMorava: LatePopany: Very late […]

Main Site – Curyo – TOS Canola Varities

Hyola 350TT and ATR Bonito Canola at Curyo sown 31/3, 22/4, 5/5. The optimal start of flowering date for canola in Birchip is 26 July. Both varieties sown 22nd April will nail this optimal flowering date, the 31/3 sown ATR Bonito has also flowered close to this date. The quicker maturing Hyola 350TT has flowered […]

Yellow tipped leaves in barley – Pyramid Hill

Yellow tipping of leaves was observed in a number of barley varieties at Pyramid Hill, Spartacus CL pictured. This is characteristic of what this variety and some others closely related show at this time of year. Be sure to correctly diagnose any potential nutritional deficiencies or disease issues before addressing these, as it may just […]

Blackleg upper canopy trial

Photo taken at the main site yesterday. Hyola 350TT punching out its first flower, the rest of the plot is well and truly bolting. This plant is part of a trial looking at upper canopy blackleg infection from different times of sowing, sown April 9… it’s just too early.  Good example of the need to […]

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