A WORD FROM THE CEO: Picking a Winner

Picking a winner is hard. Our BCG staff social punters’ club is evidence of that. (Full disclosure of personal monies spent available from James (Waterhouse) Murray.)   Since returning to BCG, I have enjoyed re-connecting with farmers across the region, discussing with them their businesses, challenges and successes. What has become evident is that in […]

A WORD FROM THE CHAIR: Business Not as Usual

It seems our lives are on pause coping with COVID-19, however, in the agricultural space, we are endeavouring, with the modification of on farm operations, to continue to produce food for Australia and the world. The workload on farm recently has been as normal as possible, with the grading of lambs and dispatching to the […]

Farmer in Focus – Bailey Petering

Can you give us a bit of background on yourself and your farm?  I was raised here on the family farm, Wilgara Park in Coromby near Murtoa. After finishing school I went up north for a year working on a cattle station near Oodnadatta, which was a great experience. I learned some good practical skills that I’ve been able to use here. One of the guys had some welding experience […]

BCG Goes Abroad!

Earlier this year, before COVID-19 and being in ‘iso’ were part of our everyday vocabulary and world travel was still allowed, BCG’s project officer Kate Finger flew to Napoli in Italy to attend a plenary meeting for the ‘COpernicus Applications and services for Low impact agriculture in Australia’ (COALA) project.Through the utilisation of data provided […]

The same spirit, nearly 30 years later

Three decades ago, a group of local farmers was inspired to form a discussion group which would evolve to become the Birchip Cropping Group. Recently appointed CEO, Fiona Best, one of the early employees of BCG, felt that current staff would benefit from hearing of the beginnings of the organization and its initial inspiration. She […]

Make better decisions with Yield Prophet

Yield Prophet is an agricultural decision-support tool that can help you achieve more from your land and limited resources (like rainfall). Yield Prophet bridges state- of-art agricultural and climate science with practical on-the-ground decision making by providing a user-friendly interface to The Agricultural Production Systems siMulator (APSIM). APSIM is a highly agricultural model developed and […]

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at the GRDC Research Updates

BCG Staff Member Kelly Angel recently travelled to Bendigo to host a panel discussion alongside industry experts Greg Toomey (Nutrien Ag Solutions) and Craig Drum (Dagro) as part of the ongoing ‘Sustainable use of insecticides in the southern region’ project being undertaken by BCG in collaboration with the GRDC.  The aim of the project is to provide […]

“Protein, Protein, Protein…. and a Nutrient Rich Diet!”

On Thursday, 12 March, BCG hosted the final event of the ‘Using standing crops to finish lambs and improve summer groundcover and soil health’ project at the Warracknabeal Anzac Park Community Centre. The eighteen-month project funded by the Australian Government National Landcare Program – Smart Farms Small Grants, was developed by BCG and delivered in partnership with […]

Meet the Team – Tom Draffen

What is your role at BCG and what will you be doing?  My role at BCG is Senior Manager of Extension and Communication. Within BCG I will be overseeing and (hopefully) enhancing the communication and extension program. The research work that BCG undertakes has relevance to the greater farming community and I will be helping […]

Is it soilborne disease?

Planting cereals early into warm, moist soil can enable crops to establish well, but from mid-winter to spring the growth of crops that initially appear healthy may look uneven, prompting questions about the cause. Dr Alan McKay, principal scientist in soil biology and molecular diagnostics at the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the […]

A WORD FROM THE CEO: Produce versus Preserve

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the EvokeAg conference in Melbourne, at which the focus was largely on the Agrifood tech space. However, three sub-themes were central to various presentations: food, farm and future. Many of the conversations revolved around the fact that our farming community will be required to produce more and more […]

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