Work experience at BCG

BCG regularly hosts local, interstate and international students interested in agricultural research ranging from work experience secondary school students to graduate and post graduate university students. In the week leading up to Trials Review Day, one of BCG’s two annual flagship events, BCG hosted three students. It was definitely a busy week at BCG that […]

Farmer in Focus – Billy Sexton

Can you give us a bit of background on your farm? It’s just me and my Dad, Peter, and Mum. We’ve got about 3,200 acres that we own and then 800 acres that we share farm, so all up that we run about 4,000 acres. We try and do a little bit of everything. We […]

BCG’s Trials Review Day delivered research to inform 2020 sowing program

The highly regarded BCG Trials Review Day was held on Friday February 14 at the Birchip Leisure Centre. More than 160 farmers and advisors from across the Wimmera Mallee attended the timely event which extended the latest research, technology and decision-making tools to help attendees make informed decisions leading into this year’s sowing program. Attendees […]

Where is the 2020 BCG Main Research Site?

BCG is excited to announce that the 2020 main research site will be located at Curyo on Trevor Grogan’s property (approximately 35 km west of Birchip on the Wilkur-Watchupga road).  This is not the first time Mr Grogan has hosted BCG research on his property. A long term and  significant contributor to BCG, Mr Grogan hosted trials […]

Wimmera wheat grower’s risk 20 per cent yield loss in wet years

The fact that Wimmera wheat growers risk 20 per cent yield loss in wet years from Septoria tritici blotch (STB) will be a point of discussion at the BCG Members Only Trials Review Day 14 February. STB, a stubble borne disease found in wheat, is becoming more prevalent in medium rainfall zones, including the Wimmera. […]

Kate Maddern elected to the GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group

BCG CEO, Ms Fiona Best, has congratulated BCG Research Officer, Kate Maddern, on her election as one of five representatives for the Southern Region in the GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group. “Kate will bring thoughtful and considered thinking to the table in her role as part of the GrainGrowers’ National Policy Group. Her interaction with farmers […]

Farmer in Focus – Zac Taylor

Can you give us a bit of background on your farm? I farm at Lubeck, south of Murtoa, on the Wimmera river with my uncle (Peter), my father (Ian) my brother (Cameron) and cousin (Charlie). We run a full continuous cropping program and with a flexible rotation. I have been farming full time for about […]

Welcome Amy Fay

What will you be doing at BCG? I am assisting BCG Operations Manager, Kelly Angel, with the Sustainable Use of Insecticides Project, mainly helping with administration and reporting. Tell us about your background: where are you from? What did you study and where? I live on a farm in Boort with my husband Giles and […]

Soil sampling 2020

BCG is undertaking soil sampling again in 2020. The benefits of soil sampling include: establishing the current nutrient status of your soil to provide the basis for future strategies indicate the ameliorants required to correct a soil’s possible physical and chemical property imbalances identify factors that may be limiting crop and pasture production improved farm […]

2020 Members Only Trials Review Day

The 2020 grain growing season is about to kick off with Wimmera and Mallee growers reviewing the 2019 season at the upcoming BCG Trials Review Day. According to BCG CEO, Ms Fiona Best, the annual Members Only BCG Trials Review Day signals the transition from the past season to the next, with many on farm […]

Looking for the chance to make a difference?

The Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) is looking to employ two energetic, experienced and skilled people to fill senior roles. According to BCG CEO, Ms Fiona Best, the vacancies present potential candidates with a rare opportunity to work with a leading applied science and agricultural research organisation based in the heart of northern Victoria’s grain growing […]

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