BCG honours oilseeds disease expert Steve Marcroft

Oilseeds disease expert Steve Marcroft has been honoured by BCG with the Harm van Rees Award for his efforts to minimise canola disease. BCG CEO Fiona Best said: “Steve has been instrumental in developing many practices currently used in Australia to minimise disease in canola, particularly the impact of blackleg which wiped out crops in the […]

A word from the CEO

Regenerative farming in the Wimmera MalleeThroughout 2020, BCG has had increased involvement in the conversations focusing on regenerative farming. Its principles, as well as the associated practices, have been researched and considered for some time with many of them being implemented on Wimmera and Mallee farms for years. Earlier in the year, BCG was successful […]

Farmer in Focus – Georgina Warne

Georgina Warne is part of the next generation of young farmers across the Wimmera and Mallee who have moved home to work side by side with their parents. BCG were excited to catch up to talk about her farming journey.  Thanks for agreeing to be this month’s Farmer in Focus Georgina. Can you tell us about yourself and […]

GRDC Harvester Forums 2020

Grain losses during harvesting equate to significant lost income for growers across Australia every year. To support growers in their efforts to reduce harvest losses and improve operations at harvest time, the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) has funded a national project  ‘Optimising harvest losses, efficiency and weed seed control; and capacity building for future […]

Realising the benefits of eIDs

Are you wanting to trace productivity in your breeding ewes or make better informed decisions when selecting rams? Wanting to manage sheep on feed but unsure how to group them into management lots? Are you interested in using your time in the yards more efficiently while reducing labour requirement? Or do you have other ideas […]

Livestock Systems Update

Recent BCG activities in livestock systems have focussed on fodder. We are working on several project proposals looking at pasture and fodder options, and their management for production and quality to meet the needs of livestock and look after soils. Oaten Hay Agronomy TrialsHarvest time for AgriFutures and BCG Member oaten hay agronomy trials at […]

Farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting

Do you farm your land in a way that improves the soil, plant and animal health? Yes, you do! Have you reduced tillage to reduce evaporation and preserve soil moisture, and sow earlier to increase water use efficiency during the season? Do you use legume crops or pastures to build soil nitrogen? Do you amend […]

Birchip Business shows support for BCG

Birchip’s main thoroughfare is transforming thanks to a combination of public projects and private enterprise. While a long-awaited Cumming Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project is expected to commence shortly, local business owner Tom McLoughlan Jnr has undertaken a private business revitalisation project of his own by revamping the well-known Smale’s Farm Equipment into YBS Ag Supplies. […]

La Nina: What does it mean?

On Tuesday, 29 September 2020, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) announced that a La Niña event is now underway.So, what defines a La Niña?A La Niña is the positive phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) which is one of several climate drivers that influences Australia’s climate. In addition to positive, the ENSO can […]

Zetifi Webinar Wrap-Up

On Thursday 17 September, BCG ran a webinar with Zetifi founder Dan Winson, Cam Ferrier (a BCG farmer member who is part of the Zetifi teleconnectivity pilot project), and BCG Senior Manager of Extension and Communication, Tom Draffen. In this webinar, Dan, Cam and Tom discussed the trial Zetifi is conducting with BCG and some of our local farmer members to provide better connectivity […]

Hay Market Snapshot – When will hay prices turn around?

The cereal hay market has been doughy for months and prices are being pressured by the sales of carryover stock, so when will hay prices turn around? Selling pressure has pushed Victorian old crop cereal hay, testing around 9.5 ME and 10% protein, down to $170 to $200 a tonne ex Wimmera Mallee farm and […]

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