BCG’s Brooke Bennett receives funding for wheat research

BCG’s Researcher Brooke Bennett has received funding from the Yitpi Foundation to investigate the suitability of new, long coleoptile wheat varieties in farming systems in southern Australia. Ms Bennett said she hopes the work will give farmers knowledge on how to best implement these new varieties into their farming system. “The findings of this work may mean […]

35 days until the BCG Main Field Day

The countdown is on for Birchip Cropping Group’s 2021 Main Field Day on Wednesday 8 September at Watchupga. This one-day event is a chance for BCG to share its latest applied, in-field research directly with members and industry.   The trials extend across two sites this year on different soil types: a vetch hay stubble and a barley stubble. […]

BCG’s Chair’s Breakfast: sharing big ideas

BCG will welcome CSIRO’s Director of Agriculture and Food Dr Michiel van Lookeren Campagne, to the Chair’s Breakfast on Thursday 12 August at the Birchip Community Leisure Centre. CSIRO have an impressive track record in taking big ideas and, with research and innovation, turning them into reality. Famously, it has been responsible for the development […]

New Goldacres plot sprayer to increase BCG’s research capacity

BCG has taken possession of a new custom-built 14 metre Goldacres plot sprayer. BCG’s Senior Manager of Research, James Murray, said his team was very appreciative that Goldacres had covered 50 percent of the cost of the plot sprayer as a donation to BCG. “This generosity means BCG’s research capacity has increased by a third. […]

Future of agriculture discussed in Birchip on 12 August

CSIRO’s Director of Agriculture and Food, Dr Michiel van Lookeren Campagne will speak at BCG’s Chair’s Breakfast on Thursday 12 August at the Birchip Community Leisure Centre. His presentation, The future of agriculture and a scan of the horizon of what is to come, will provide CSIRO’s vision for food and agriculture and how it […]

Tomorrow Farmer event now Friday 20 Aug: REGISTER NOW

Good communication leads to farm success. BCG’s Tomorrow Farmer event, rescheduled to Friday 20th of August, is a customised event focusing on communication within the farm business.  BCG is hosting this event with funding from FRRR’s In a good place due to farmer feedback regarding the consequences poor communication can have on the farm business, […]

Training for the unexpected

As a farming community, we know and understand that the unexpected should be very much expected. Each year throws up a new scenario or set of circumstances that we must navigate. Farmers have been trained to expect and manage this inevitable unpredictability.   But are we training hard enough?  Are our businesses going to get through the toughest of […]

Farmer in Focus – Kate Cowan, Sheep Hills

Can you give us a bit of background of yourself and your farm?I grew up on a mixed farming property at Laharum. I met my husband 15 years ago and started helping him on his grain property at Sheep Hills in the holidays and weekends. I studied a Bachelor of Education and taught at Warracknabeal […]

For frost’s sake: the mower got out again

Sown on the fifteenth of April and irrigated with 10mm, early sown wheat is flying along at one of our main research sites at Watchupga. Part of a research project looking at frost mitigation strategies, treatments of this trial were defoliated with a mower on June 21 to simulate grazing. Jointly funded by The Yitpi […]

BCG promotes agriculture through work experience

Tyrrell College Sea Lake student Will Conlan undertook a week of work experience with BCG during the last week of the school term. During his week, the year ten student learnt various research monitoring techniques, visited research trial sites and learnt the implications for growers. Will also gained an understanding of the maintenance requirements of […]

Structured Workplace Learning at BCG

BCG is proud to be part of the Department of Education and Training’s Structured Workplace Learning program being so actively promoted by Birchip P-12 School. BCG CEO Fiona Best believes the program provides students with the opportunity to integrate on-the-job experience with secondary study. “Structured Workplace Learning provides enhanced skill development, practical application of industry […]

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