New pre-emergent chemistry at BCG Trials Review Day

Dr Chris Preston, Weed Management Professor at The University of Adelaide, will discuss how growers can best fit new pre-emergent chemistries into their farming system and how to manage them for longevity at BCG’s Trials Review Day on Friday 19th of February at the Birchip Leisure Centre. New pre-emergent grass herbicides Devrinol-C (Group K), Luximax […]

Changing the farming paradigm

Newly appointed BCG Board Member, renowned chef and restaurateur Stefano de Pieri, hopes to change the farming paradigm of the Wimmera Mallee and that’s just the beginning. “There is a disconnect about what is being produced and how it is being consumed. We are very good at producing and then rely on others to move […]

The end of 2020

People across Australia are more than ready to farewell 2020. The pressures of COVID-19 and the restrictions, the home schooling, the forced isolation and the tension of waiting for the daily statistics will stay with us for a long time. I believe that we have also learned from the experience and as the farming community […]

ADM Trading Australia Market update

A massive Chinese buying spree for soy beans, corn and to a lesser degree wheat has driven markets along during recent months. August to October saw a weather premium build in wheat pricing as dryness spread across the Northern Hemisphere, this weather premium was then halved during the dryness is still there but this is […]

Summer sheep management

As harvest ends, summer fallow management will become the priority to conserve soil moisture, soil nitrogen and minimise the risk of increased disease and insect pressure associated with a green bridge in the following season.Grazing before summer sprayingDepending on the rain, and what weeds germinate and grow, you might first get some grazing value from the weeds.MLA supported research conducted by Southern Farming Systems […]

Meet the Team – Ashlee Tierney, Mel Hawthorne & Ruby Cook

During the busy harvest period, our purpose build laboratory comes to life. Each year our resources are bolstered with a team of harvest casuals to help process the grain samples that are taken from our trial plots to ensure BCG researchers are able to focus on data analysis, assessment and result interpretation.  The work is […]

How do you measure your harvest loss?

This was a question that BCG wanted growers across Australia to be thinking about this harvest.  Through a GRDC Twitter and Facebook campaign developed by BCG as part of the GRDC Harvester Set-Up Project – growers nationally were encouraged to discuss/think about what method they were using to measure harvest loss but also make checking harvest losses at least twice daily and when conditions changed as clockwork as morning and afternoon tea.   Why? It is estimated that harvest […]

Increased research capacity at BCG

BCG’s research program is the result of years of planning and harvest represents the final step in a year of monitoring, inputs and assessments.   “Trials are sown in a range of sowing conditions including various stubble loads, different weed pressures and varying soil nutrition status so it represents the real-world farming systems that are employed in the […]

2021 BCG Trials Review Day

Good sowing programs take into account in-season factors such as weather, disease and pest pressure, input costs and market behaviour.  BCG Trials Review Day, held on Friday 19 February 2021, will address such topics giving growers and advisors independent, statistically rigorous results addresses to enable them to complete their 2021 and future sowing programs with confidence.   The 2021 BCG research program amounts to approximately 10 000 plots and extends across 39 […]

Engagement encouraged at BCG AGM

BCG’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday the 10th of December at 7pm in the BCG conference room, 73 Cumming Avenue Birchip.  BCG CEO Fiona Best welcomes all members to the meeting: “The AGM is a valuable way for BCG to engage with its members. We want our members to feel supported by the organisation and […]

A beekeeper’s harvest

Congratulations Kate Maddern Rhodes Scholarship On behalf of the board I would like to congratulate BCG Research Agronomist, Kate Maddern, who has been awarded the prestigious 2021 Victorian Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University. We are wish her all the best with her studies. Harm van Rees Award Recently I visited the BCG Main Site at […]

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