Turning barley head losses into sheep production

Recent strong winds in parts of the region have left barley heads on the ground, shattered canola and disappointed growers in its wake.   Grower reports suggest barley losses were between 1-2 t/ha. BCG trial plots at Birchip measured losses as high as 2.8 t/ha when comparing trial plots in the same location and with the […]

BCG preliminary results from member-funded trial – Canola Varieties (Southern Mallee)

© BCG preliminary variety data may not be copied or reproduced in any form and is subject to changes with further analyses. It is for the benefit of BCG members only. Disclosing, copying or distributing is strictly prohibited. Aim:                                  […]

Member trials update

In total, BCG has established 130 research trials this year at more than 20 sites across the Wimmera, Mallee and North Central regions. The highlight for many BCG Members each year are those trials funded by the payment of their membership. The aim of this research is to focus on topical, local issues that growers […]

Yield Prophet®: automatic soil selection and more!

BCG is making it easier for people to use Yield Prophet®. Some users told us that they find it challenging to select the right soil characterisation when setting up a new paddock. We listened, and  as a result users are now able to have the soil characterisation for their paddocks automatically selected based on the […]

Is soil compaction reducing wheat yields in the Victorian Mallee?

Take home messages Achieving consistent and optimal ripping depths is difficult in dry soil conditions, which has the effect of restricting root access to stored soil moisture and nutrients. Ripping sand in sandy loams to 20cm in the Southern Mallee delivered no yield advantages in 2018. Under wetter conditions this may not be the case […]
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