Technical Bulletin – 30 October 2019

In the northern Mallee a few headers have started, largely on barley, and in the southern Mallee a few are trying to ‘strike the first blow’. Early reports indicate yields (in northern Mallee) are around 1.6-1.9t/ha of Barley. Compass is the first to come in. In the Wimmera harvest is 2-3 weeks away and in […]

Technical Bulletin – 16 October 2019

In the Mallee, mowing, bailing and preparations for harvest are in full swing and in some areas harvest unfortunately will not be a big job. The Wimmera is focusing on insect spraying as well as cutting hay crops, the west Wimmera experienced a cold night last week which may see some growers inspecting paddocks for frost.    Table  1. Rainfall and deciles across the Wimmera and Mallee (number in brackets denotes decile).  […]

Technical Bulletin – 3 October 2019

Frosty conditions have kept growers on alert to assess potential levels of frost damage. In the Mallee, crops are really starting to change colour and hay cutting is underway. In the Wimmera, some vetch has been cut which has been prompted by the warm conditions and crops are generally about to flower or at are flowering. The potential is still there but a rain is needed to finish it off.     Table  1. Rainfall and deciles […]

Technical Bulletin – 21 August 2019

Rain in some regions has meant more spreading and spraying for growers. The northern Mallee needs follow up rain soon while in other areas, fungicide application decisions particularly in canola, chickpeas and cereals are being made. Late weed control sprays are also keeping Wimmera growers busy.   Table 1. Rainfall and deciles across the Wimmera […]

Technical Bulletin – 7 August 2019

  With the welcomed calm conditions over the past couple of weeks, growers throughout the district have been busy spreading and spraying operations. Hopefully the approaching cold fronts, due at the end of the week, bring some more rain. The spraying focus has generally been on broadleaf control in cereals, late grass weed management and […]

Technical Bulletin – 24 July 2019

There is a lot happening in the Wimmera and Mallee with crops growing, diseases setting in, nutrition responses appearing, some insect pressure and weeds getting bigger. Keeping on top of logistics is the challenge in between wind, showers and wet paddocks, although we never say no to rain! It is important to prioritise workload so […]

Technical Bulletin – 10 July 2019

In the Mallee, recent rainfall was timely and wide spread. Those with soil water are more than happy while others, in the northern regions, will be looking for ‘the next rain’ soon. The first round of top-dressing is finished and in some early sown barley, ‘the gate has closed’ on opportunities for more spreading. In […]

Technical Bulletin – 26 June 2019

Severe frosts in consecutive days have made logistics challenging and cool conditions have really slowed down crop growth. This weekend in the Mallee up to 10mm is forecast while in the Wimmera falls of 8 to 15mm are expected. Wimmera growers have focussed on early in-crop sprays and for some, just completing their PSPE spray […]

Technical Bulletin – 29 May 2019

Rainfall over the weekend was timely heralding a good start to the growing season. Now that Mallee has concluded sowing, growers are busy inspecting for insects, rolling lentils, early SOA or urea applications and early grass weeds control. The Wimmera is roughly three-quarters of the way through sowing with a few expected to finish at […]

Technical Bulletin – 16 May 2019

Timely rain across much of the region has lifted confidence, particularly for those with stored soil water. The exception is the west Wimmera area that received modest falls. Sowing programs are well advanced in the Mallee (70-80% completed), whilst about half of the crop is sown in the Wimmera. It’s interesting to note the BCG […]

Technical Bulletin – 3 May 2019

Timely rainfall across many areas has given a renewed sense of optimism. Mallee growers are reporting sowing progress between 40 and 90% finished and falls of 6 to 21mm+. The Wimmera is roughly 20% through sowing and received falls ranging from 3 to 25mm. The west Wimmera is 20% of the way through the sowing […]

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