Technical Bulletin – 30 October 2019

In the northern Mallee a few headers have started, largely on barley, and in the southern Mallee a few are trying to ‘strike the first blow’. Early reports indicate yields (in northern Mallee) are around 1.6-1.9t/ha of Barley. Compass is the first to come in. In the Wimmera harvest is 2-3 weeks away and in […]

Technical Bulletin – 16 October 2019

In the Mallee, mowing, bailing and preparations for harvest are in full swing and in some areas harvest unfortunately will not be a big job. The Wimmera is focusing on insect spraying as well as cutting hay crops, the west Wimmera experienced a cold night last week which may see some growers inspecting paddocks for frost.    Table  1. Rainfall and deciles across the Wimmera and Mallee (number in brackets denotes decile).  […]
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