The impact of sowing direction and crop type on grain yield and weeds

Take home messages Barley was more competitive with weeds than wheat, reducing both weed biomass and seed set by 0.5t/ha. Sowing direction did not influence crop yield or weed biomass and seed production. Wheat was more profitable than barley in the absence of weeds, but they were equally profitable in the presence of weeds. Background […]

Sowing direction and row spacing for Brome grass (Bromus diandrus) management in the Mallee

Take home messages Light interception at midday was significantly higher under east-west sowing compared with north-south. It is plausible that sowing direction may influence weed seed set. To establish a competitive crop against weeds and maximise yields, growers should aim for the narrowest row spacing to suit their system. Background The reliance on agrochemicals, particularly […]

Boxer Gold® safety in oats

Take home messages Boxer Gold® was found to have no yield penalty on Mitika and Wintaroo oats in 2016 (GSR 371mm), contrasting the 9.7 per cent yield penalty in 2015 (GSR 141mm). Although yield was not affected, biomass was reduced when Boxer Gold was applied in-crop. Safety of Boxer Gold use in oats is highly […]
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Increasing weed competition with barley

Take home messages Compass, Fathom and Scope CL were good competitors with weeds, which is consistent with previous years’ findings. Hindmarsh and Spartacus CL are poor weed competitors. The advantage of sowing earlier in order to increase crop competition failed to improve thecompetitiveness of La Trobe given the high spring rainfall. Background Barley varieties have […]

Controlling Ivy-Leaf Speedwell and common broadleaf Wimmera weeds

Take home messages Metribuzin added to Precept® gave good control of all weeds. Affinity Force® did not perform to the standard expected. Background Ivy-leaf speedwell is not a very common weed in a continuous cropping situation. There is little knowledge of which herbicides can control it. With a dense population of ivy-leaf speedwell, the Horsham […]
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Herbicide options for controlling amsinckia

Take home messages Velocity®, Precept® and Affinity® are the best options for elongating amsinckia. There is a wider range of effective herbicides to control amsinckia when they are small and actively growing than when they are elongating. Trifluralin is very effective for controlling amsinckia, but weeds can still persist in the crop row where the […]

Boxer Gold® safety in oats

Take home messages Oats treated with Boxer Gold® yielded 9.7 per cent less than the untreated oats. This trial was conducted in a decile 1 season with very poor spring rainfall and very hot conditions. The effect of the Boxer Gold may have been exacerbated by these extreme conditions or the lower yielding season may […]
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Using sowing direction and row spacing for weed management in the Mallee

Take home messages Yields were significantly higher under narrow row spacing, but sowing direction had no influence on yield. Weeds had a significant effect on yield, but the scale of yield penalty (t/ha yield loss) did not alter with row spacing or sowing direction in 2015. Weeds established faster where row spacings were wider, however […]

Statice control

TAKE HOME MESSAGES Velocity®, Igran®, Precept® and Lexone® provided the most effective statice control in barley.The use of, or addition, of Group G herbicides failed to improve control. Group C herbicides had varied results. Products containing terbutryn and metribuzin achieved a high level of control, but products containing diuron and bromoxynil did not. BACKGROUND Statice, […]

Fumitory control

TAKE HOME MESSAGES Populations of fumitory are now exhibiting resistance to commonly used broadleaf herbicides, including Clearfield®. Avoid cultivation which promotes the germination of fumitory. In this trial, Precept®, Velocity® + MCPA LVE and Affinity Force® + MCPA Amine, were most effective in controlling fumitory. On-duty® and other Group B herbicides were amongst the worst […]

Keeping paddocks clean in 2015 and beyond

Over the years BCG has conducted numerous research trials investigating weed control options and their impact on crop performance. BCG’s five year water-use efficiency investigation, which concluded in 2013, left no doubt that weed control has the biggest positive influence on yield and profit (BCG 2012 Season Research Results, pp. 10-22). Yet, as discussed in […]

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