BCG Main Field Day 2022 Highlights

The BCG Main Field Day 2022 was a success and we’re pleased to show you some highlights. Attended by farmers, advisers and researchers it was an opportunity to see first hand the research occurring in the region and talk with researchers while also creating and building networks.

BCG Main Field Day Peter Barr – Working dogs and getting the most from them!

Peter Barr from Muster Dogs kept the momentum going during the afternoon of the BCG Main Field Day 2022. With a discussion and demonstration on training young pups and how farmers can get the best out of their working dogs. The session drew much interest… as the saying goes: “A good dog on the ground’s […]

Foliar Diseases: Nick Poole at BCG’s Main Field Day

“Mind the gap” was FAR Australia’s Nick Poole’s message to attendees at BCG’s Main Field day on Wednesday the 14th of September at Nullawil. The early onset of stripe rust and other fungal diseases as well as conducive wet conditions, has challenged farmer decision making. The internationally recognised disease expert drew a large crowd eager to […]

North Central In Season Update August 2022

“The crops at Mitiamo are the best we have seen since beginning our research at the site in 2017. We are excited by the prospect of some valuable trial results come harvest,” BCG Senior Researcher James Murray said.

BCG Trials Review Day – Livestream Videos

For those of you who missed it, or those who would like to revisit the presentations on the day, we have captured the footage from the livestream on the day. Enjoy! Session 1 – Weed Management Session 2 – Variety and Disease Management Session 3 – High Performing Soils

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GRDC Pulse Extension – Gymbowen Video Crop Walk

Join us on a digital crop walk of the Southern Pulse Agronomy – Gymbowen Research Site as part of the GRDC Southern Pulse Extension Project.

GRDC Pulse Extension: Southern Pulse Agronomy Digital Crop Walk

As part of the GRDC Pulse Extension Project – BCG have created a digital crop walk with Agriculture Victoria researchers Jason Brand, Josh Fanning, Audrey Delahunty and Mitchell Fromm. This has been made possible with funding from GRDC’s Pulse Extension project.

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