The BCG Research Team are undertaking trials across the Wimmera Mallee and are constantly on the look-out for timely, topical and technical information in the paddocks.

Plant pathogens can be fungal, bacterial, viral or nematodes and can damage plant parts above or below the ground. Identifying symptoms and knowing when and how to effectively control diseases is an ongoing challenge for growers of broadacre crops.

Disease BLOG - Updates from the field

Ascochyta blight getting going in early sowing Timok vetch at Curyo.

21 July 2020 - James Murray

Blackleg upper canopy trial

27 May 2020 - Kelly Angel

Canola flower at Curyo

Photo taken at the main site yesterday. Hyola 350TT punching out its first flower, the rest of the plot is well and truly bolting.

This plant is part of a trial looking at upper canopy blackleg infection from different times of sowing, sown April 9... it's just too early. 

Good example of the need to match phenology to sowing date - how many other examples of this will we see this year given the early rains?

Blackleg upper canopy trial

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

Canola getting up and about at the Main Site, Curyo

Managing blackleg trial update

26 May 2020 - James Murray

BCG are undertaking a trial aiming to identify strategies to manage canola blackleg upper canopy infection in the Southern Mallee. Strategies include – varieties (ATR Bonito, ATR Stingray, Hyola350TT), sowing/flowering date (late March, late April sowing), fungicide timing.

Canola is kicking off at Curyo
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