The important research is communicated via an extensive extension program. Our flagship events, Trials Review Day and the Main Field Day, are permanent fixtures of the agronomic calendar and these are supported by a suite of workshops, discussion groups, field days, crop walks and symposiums delivered independently or in partnership with a range of collaborators.

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Upcoming Events

Tomorrow Farmer

16 Mar 2022 @ 9:00am - 4:00pm
Morrison St, Birchip, VIC, 3483

BCG is hosting this event with funding from FRRR’s In a good place due to farmer feedback regarding the consequences poor communication can have on the farm business, the bottom line, safety and mental health.

Often in farming, family and business are intertwined – The Tomorrow Farmer event will deliver the skills that all members of the farming operation require in order to have the crucial conversations that ensure business prosperity without compromising the social fabric of a family. It will provide the framework for ongoing, open and honest communication – a tool as useful as any other in a farmers toolbox.

We strongly recommend that you, and your operating team – take the time to register and to attend, and to use the opportunity as a chance for professional development in your farming business.

Location: Birchip Leisure Centre

Start time: 9:00am

Duration: 6hrs

Lunch provided


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