GRDC Hands On Precision Agriculture Training – St Arnaud

01 Mar 2021
26 Dunstan Street, St Arnaud, Victoria, 3478, North Central Victoria

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This free, interactive workshop will provide growers with hands-on experience with a range of PA technologies and how they can be used to identify and manage variability and improve productivity and profitability.

Workshop sessions will focus on proven technologies and practices currently in use by growers and advisors including:

  • how to identify variability (yield mapping, remote sensing, soil and pH mapping, in season monitoring)
  • how to identify the key causes of yield and profit variability (including acidity/alkalinity, nutrient deficiencies, weed pressure, water logging etc.)
  • techniques to address yield and profit variability (variable rate, in paddock blending
  • predictive analytics (yield forecasts, input management, pest and disease forecasts)
  • mobile device, tablet and computer based integrative/farm management platforms.

The workshop will be facilitated by Adrian Roles, from JMAJ Consulting, and will include a case study presentation from a leading local farmer.

This workshop is suitable for farmers in the early stages of their PA journey, although all are welcome.

Attendance is strictly limited to 20 people so registration is essential

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