Future Farmers up-skill at Birchip


The 2015 BCG Future Farmers Expo, supported by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) attracted farmers from across the region, keen to upskill, network and learn about strategies, services and technologies that have the potential to improve their farm businesses.

The Birchip P-12 School (the venue for the expo) was abuzz last Thursday as the BCG event was launched with exhibitors from leading agricultural business and service providers filling the stadium with bright and interactive displays.

Building on the success of the former BCG Grains Research Expo, the new ‘business and technology’ focus was well received with capacity crowds attending information sessions on on-farm internet connectivity and using farm data, decision-making, risk management, business management and off-farm investments, stewardship and succession planning.

BCG CEO Chris Sounness said the feedback from exhibitors and farmers had been overwhelmingly positive.

“As farming evolves, implementing sustainable business management models, understanding and keeping up with technology, minimising and managing risk and issues around marketing and stewardship are becoming increasingly,” he said.

“The excellent attendance at our information sessions, the level of inquiry at exhibitor stands and the general conversation throughout the day, certainly confirmed this.” 

For many, however, the highlight of the day was the opportunity it provided them with to meet and talk to industry specialists, researchers and leading farmers.

A crowd of 150 stayed on for the Expo dinner which gave them another opportunity to socialise and build fruitful business relationships.

An engaging discussion on the future of farming was part of the evening’s entertainment led by Grains Research and Development manager for regional grower services Darren Hughes and leading South Australian agricultural consultant Bill Long.

Reflecting on the successes and challenges of the last 15 years, the duo discussed the future of the industry and emerging opportunities as they saw them.

The Future Farmers Expo concluded on a high note with guests enjoying live music by Bill Long, accompanied by South Australia musicians Mike Roberts and Barrie Hocking, and excellent catering from Watchem-based business Gourmetsnotaflavour.

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