Is protein mapping the new nitrogen management strategy? With Jonathan Dyer

Jess Bidstrup

On the Horizon: Farm Tech 

Episode 2 – Is protein mapping the new nitrogen management strategy? With Jonathan Dyer

“It did happen, that’s true, but it’s also a pain in the neck with logistics, right? At harvest time, it’s hard sending trucks different ways and shifting shifters at your own site or having some trucks going to the site and some going home. The secret sauce is getting your economy right and using these maps to inform what you’re doing next time around.” 

In our second episode, we chat with Kaniva farmer Jonathan Dyer, who shares how he uses the data from his protein machine to create nitrogen maps to guide nitrogen inputs.  

The conversation covers technical set up, software, support, data handling, protein machine models as well as some of the challenges he has experience and where he looks for advice.  

About Jonathan Dyer 

Jonathan is a grain grower from Kaniva in the West Wimmera. The Dyers grow a mixture of bread and durum wheat, canola, lentils, faba beans and chickpeas in a continuous cropping rotation. Having a background in IT, Jonathan completed a Nuffield Scholarship in 2015 on ‘big data’ in agriculture. 

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