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Excuse me, how much is three hours and 28 minutes of time? We often talk about how there isn’t enough hours in the day, and unfortunately you can’t buy any at the supermarket, Landmark or the chemist…even after a good year!

BCG continues to evolve and think of new ways to bring relevant and applicable information to its members and the farming community. For a number of years now, BCG has had a podcast channel called ‘BCG in Focus’.

A podcast is an audio file which appears in a series through SoundCloud; subscribers can be notified when new episodes become available. Podcasts can be downloaded onto your smart phone and listened to at a convenient time.

With what appears to be less time to achieve all of the tasks in one day, and farmers who spend a lot of time in machinery and vehicles, BCG in Focus is a way to hear presentations from events that you are unable to attend.

Here’s a couple of links to recent podcasts which may assist with decisions now being made on-farm.

Gypsum management, Tim McClelland (Model Agronomics) – 2016 Main Field Day

Nailing canola management, Rohan Brill (NSW DPI) – 2016 Main Field Day

Grain and hay marketing, Colin Peace (Jumbuck Ag) – 2016 Main Field Day

Farmer presentation, Tim Leeming (Pardoo Prime) – 2016 Sheep Management Showcase

Farm in Focus, Carl O’Donoghue (BCG Member) – March 2017

A harvest update, Gregor Knight (Quambatook BCG Member) – December 2016

Skills and knowledge to meet farm goals, Cam Parker (BCG GAPP Member)

More BCG podcasts can be found by following this link including the monthly Farm in Focus segment.

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