Main Research Site at Kinnabulla


BCG’s Main Research Site this year will be at Kinnabulla, 25km north west of Birchip on Kinnabulla West Road. On the property of Linc Lehmann and his parents Roger and Dianne, the site will host a total of 39 trials with a number already in the ground. These include canola (application of silicon and canola establishment), Future Drought Fund deep sowing wheat and safflower time of sowing.

BCG’s Senior Manager of Research Yolanda Plowman said the team had a large program to complete: “Like farmers, we will be busy over the next five to six weeks sowing. With 145 trials over 24 trial sites and several new BCG staff undertaking training, it is an exciting and fast-paced environment which, as researchers, we thrive in.”

“The research space BCG operates in is broad, we have farming systems and agronomic trials; crop varieties, performance and nutrition; as well as weeds, pests and diseases. Our trials this year span from Merrinee and Balranald in the north, Mitiamo to the east, Arapiles in the south and Rainbow to the west. We are looking forward to connecting with farmers and their communities at all our sites, extending our research to help improve farm productivity and profitability.”

Over the month BCG will sow trials at Merrinee, Ouyen, Walpeup, Manangatang, Balranald, Rainbow, Hopetoun, Ultima, Quambatook, Mitiamo, Diggora, Eastville, Colbinabbin, Charlton, Kinnabulla, Curyo, Wallup, Arapiles, Warne, Longerenong, Marlbed, Murrayville, Donald and Meatian.

“With warm soil and widespread rain received over Easter, sowing conditions are good. Our machine is gliding through with ease, we’re not getting bogged and the soil is not too hard. We are keeping our eye on the forecast for the next rain which will hopefully see crops springing out of the ground,” Dr Plowman concluded.

BCG’s Main Field Day will be held at the Kinnabulla site on Wednesday the 13th of September. For more information on BCG’s research or the field day, visit or call (03) 5492 2787.

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