2021 Rhodes scholarship awarded to BCG Research Agronomist

BCG’s Research Agronomist, Kate Maddern, has been awarded the prestigious Victorian Rhodes Scholarship for 2021. The news was announced by the Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau AC, on Saturday 31 October via Twitter after a comprehensive selection process from a field of approximately 40 applicants. “We are extremely proud of, and excited for, […]

Meet the Team – Janine Batters

Welcome back to BCG! What have you been doing professionally prior to taking up this role? (and what are you still doing?) It is great to be back at BCG. I have been fortunate to have been able to pursue my interest in journalism working at the North Central News in St. Arnaud for a […]

Farmer in Focus – Joel Donnan

It’s hard not to think about the role of genetics when talking to Joel Donnan because his passion for stud sheep and the fact that he’s a fifth-generation farmer all suggest ‘it’s in the blood’.  Joel farms at Willangie—in between Birchip, Sea Lake and Woomelang in north west Victoria—with his parents, Andrew and Denita, his brother Trent, wife Lauren and their two children, Leni and Arlo.   The highly successful Anden Stud comprises of […]

Gibberellic acid in vetch

BCG have established a trial at Pyramid Hill in North Central Victoria with funding from the GRDC and Agriculture Victoria, investigating Gibberellic Acid (GA) applications on two vetch varieties, Morava and Popany at two application timings. GA is a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation and consequently increases plant growth. It is commonly used in […]

Southern Mallee Oaten Hay Trial Yields

The BCG team have been busy taking dry matter assessments to coincide with widespread hay cutting occurring across the Wimmera and Mallee. With the help of a drying oven or two, we have been able to ‘bale up’ the preliminary yield results for you. A trial was established at Curyo in the Southern Mallee with […]

Sweet smell of success for ‘eNose’ project

With participating organisations University of Tasmania, Soils for Life, Birchip Cropping Group, Farmlink Research, Southern Farming Systems  By Dr Shane Powell, Senior Lecturer, Tasmanina Insititute of Agriculture.  By ‘smelling soil’, researchers hope to identify soils that have specific ‘signatures’ associated with particular characteristics.   Led by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA), with input from participating organisation growers, a Soils CRC project, is aiming to develop alternative ways of assessing soil health.   Growers want […]

Zetifi Webinar Wrap-Up

On Thursday 17 September, BCG ran a webinar with Zetifi founder Dan Winson, Cam Ferrier (a BCG farmer member who is part of the Zetifi teleconnectivity pilot project), and BCG Senior Manager of Extension and Communication, Tom Draffen. In this webinar, Dan, Cam and Tom discussed the trial Zetifi is conducting with BCG and some of our local farmer members to provide better connectivity […]

Hay Market Snapshot – When will hay prices turn around?

The cereal hay market has been doughy for months and prices are being pressured by the sales of carryover stock, so when will hay prices turn around? Selling pressure has pushed Victorian old crop cereal hay, testing around 9.5 ME and 10% protein, down to $170 to $200 a tonne ex Wimmera Mallee farm and […]

How did you do on #bugronomy?

For a fortnight from the 14th September, BCG ran an insect identification quiz on twitter as part of the GRDC funded ‘Supporting the sustainable use of insecticides and local on-farm implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies in the GRDC southern region’ project. BCG posted two pictures each day with an attached poll to anonymously provide a response to the […]

Behind the scenes of the Main Film Day

Have you seen the new BCG Virtual Main Research Site? The website features an interactive map of the 2020 BCG Main Research Site at Curyo, information on many of the trials at the site, as well as information on a number of our trials from various other sites.  Unfortunately this year we were not able to show you around our 2020 Main Research Site in person at the Main Field Day, but with the virtual […]

Red Leather Leaf – not just a tongue twister!

Red leather leaf (RLL) is a common fungal disease caused by Spermospora avenae, that reduces hay and grain yield, reduces grain quality and impacts hay appearance and colour. In Victoria we are beginning to see evidence of infection this season. RLL infection is favoured by cool (5-16°C), wet conditions so is more predominant in medium […]