Meet the team: David Whitehand


Tell us about your background

I grew up in Geelong. In years spent working in jobs that support the agricultural industry have given me a keen interest in farming. My wife Heather and our five children chose to move from Drysdale to Birchip when a job opportunity presented itself. We also want to give our children the opportunity to have a rural up-bringing.

You have been out soil sampling of late, any interesting observations so far?

I have been travelling the Wimmera and Mallee doing soil sampling which has been very interesting so far. For areas that received the significant rainfall event in December, soil sampling is showing significant soil moisture which is encouraging. During the soil sampling process I have uncovered some earth worms and root material at significant depths. In the Birchip area I found a summer weed root down to a metre, while sampling in Nhill a canola root was at the same depth.

What have you enjoyed the most thus far at BCG?

The opportunities for learning and increasing my understanding of the agricultural industry is the most enjoyable part about my role at BCG. There is a lot to take in, but I am enjoying being challenged in a good way.

What are you looking forward to about living in the Birchip community?

We have been in Birchip nearly two years and the sense of community is amazing. The town has a very different feel compared to the city and even regional centres, with everyone so welcoming. It is great to have space for the children to grow up in. I am enjoying being part of the Birchip cricket team. It is also a great opportunity to meet people.

What about agriculture interests you the most?

Given the demand for food and the seasonal nature of the industry, there is a broad range of interesting things happening all the time. Some jobs can be very one dimensional where you undertake the same tasks over and over, but that isn’t the case in agriculture.

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