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Jess Bidstrup

BCG’s latest podcast series, On the Horizon: Farm Tech empowers farmers with knowledge and confidence to explore the integration of on-farm technology.

“BCG is on a mission to bring the latest in agricultural technology to farmers across the Wimmera, Mallee and North Central,” said BCG’s Communications and Engagement Officer Jess Bidstrup. “The latest series of BCG’s podcast, Shared Ag Solutions by BCG, explores topics such as protein mapping, optical spray technology and batching machines. Episodes of the On the Horizon: Farm Tech series will also investigate non-chemical weed management strategies, the latest in drone technology for livestock management, autonomous spray units and on-farm security. By conducting interviews with farmers who have walked the path, we’re arming our listeners with the information they need to ask the right questions and feel comfortable in the ever-changing technological landscape of agriculture.”

The first episode with Wimmera farmer Tim Rethus, New technology and when to pull the trigger, airs on Sunday the 9th of June. In this episode, Tim discusses some of the technology he has implemented on his farm, such as camera sprayers, drones and variable rate treatment application. It is available across all podcast streaming services. Ms Bidstrup is encouraging farmers to follow the podcast on their favourite player to receive updates when new episodes release.

Hosted by mixed-farmer and BCG Media and Communications Manager, Janine Batters, listeners can expect each episode to delve into the benefits, challenges and solutions associated with implementing new technology: “I’m a curious person who loves to learn and find solutions, particularly on the farm! In On the Horizon: Farm Tech I look forward to sharing my conversations with the experts with our listeners to inform on-farm decisions.”

The first season of Shared Ag Solutions by BCG explored topics such as drought proofing, work/life balance agronomic planning, managing workforce, finance, nutrient strategies and optical spray technology. “Sharing solutions that are practical and applicable is a key focus of the podcast as we continue to produce innovative and accessible communications for farmers.

“As podcasts can be listened to anywhere, any time, we feel they are a great platform for busy farmers to get the latest information on the go.” said Ms Batters.

Media Contact

Jess Bidstrup, Communications and Engagement Officer
Birchip Cropping Group
[email protected] | 0456 623 631

Pic caps: BCG’s Podcast team, Janine Batters (left) and Jess Bidstrup (right), recording an episode of Shared Ag Solutions by BCG.

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