How did you do on #bugronomy?

For a fortnight from the 14th September, BCG ran an insect identification quiz on twitter as part of the GRDC funded ‘Supporting the sustainable use of insecticides and local on-farm implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies in the GRDC southern region’ project. BCG posted two pictures each day with an attached poll to anonymously provide a response to the […]

Behind the scenes of the Main Film Day

Have you seen the new BCG Virtual Main Research Site? The website features an interactive map of the 2020 BCG Main Research Site at Curyo, information on many of the trials at the site, as well as information on a number of our trials from various other sites.  Unfortunately this year we were not able to show you around our 2020 Main Research Site in person at the Main Field Day, but with the virtual […]

BCG & Zetifi – Upcoming opportunities for rural and regional connectivity

With Dan Winson (Zetifi), Cameron Ferrier (Grower) and Tom Draffen (BCG). BCG hosted a webinar on 17th September 2020 to provide an update on the progress and results of the on-farm telecommunications project and future plans to improve farm connectivity across regional and rural Australia.

Vic National Hay Agronomy Update:

BCG Oaten Hay Trial at Curyo trial evaluating the use of PGR Moddus®Evo @ 200mL/ha on lodging and hay quality. We’ve seen a visible effect on height and maturity of Durack sown 5 May, PGR applied 10 August at GS32 (foreground). BCG have sown Wintaroo, Brusher, Yallara, Mulgara, Koorabup, Carrolup, Durack and Bannister at the […]

Effects of Deep Ripping on Pulse Root Structure

The images below show the effects that deep ripping has had on the root structure of pulses growing on ripped and unripped soil. The site at Netherby, hosted by RobCo, has two major soil constraints: non-wetting sandy top soil, and a hard setting clay pan at approximately 15-20cm deep. A section of the trial was […]

Red Leather Leaf – not just a tongue twister!

Red leather leaf (RLL) is a common fungal disease caused by Spermospora avenae, that reduces hay and grain yield, reduces grain quality and impacts hay appearance and colour. In Victoria we are beginning to see evidence of infection this season. RLL infection is favoured by cool (5-16°C), wet conditions so is more predominant in medium […]

A Word from the Chair – September 2020

Fantastic Autumn rain and an optimistic outlook resulted in many farmers taking the opportunity to sow a wide range of crops and plant early. These decisions are now expressing themselves across the region. After a dry winter, the recent rains in August have put us back on track for a possible average to above-average season. […]

Integrated Pest Management – A Case Study Geoff and Bronwyn Hunt- Normanville

SnapshotProperty: Merriwa Pastoral Company Owners: Bronwyn and Geoff Hunt; Karen, Bill and John Fenton Area: 1484 hectares, 1436ha cropping Location: Normanville, Victoria Average annual rainfall: 320 millimetres Soil types: duplex, clay loam over clay Soil pH: 8 to 8.5 Crops grown: Scepter wheat, Spartacus barley, Stingray canola, Hurricane and Jumbo 2 lentils, Winteroo oats for hay, Morgan and Twilight field peas for hay  It’s spring 2019 and Normanville grain grower Bronwyn Hunt is marching up and down the rows of Hurricane lentils and Scepter wheat, vigorously swinging a sweep net in search […]

Farmer in Focus – Matt Scott, Pyramid Hill

Matt, thanks for agreeing to be this month’s Farmer in Focus! Can you give us a bit of background on yourself, your family and your farm? Our property is called Pinelea. We’re situated in the Terricks east of Pyramid Hill. I work on the farm with my wife Gemma and parents Andrew and Marie. We […]