BCG driving the agriculture agenda

BCG driving the agriculture agenda. The Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) is encouraging farmers across the Wimmera Mallee sign up to become members and be part of the innovation that is BCG.  Established and managed by farmers, the organisation has built a 28 year legacy, ensuring relevant agricultural research is being carried and timely information is […]

BCG Main Field Day 2020 cancelled.

At the most recent meeting of the BCG Board, it was decided that for the first time in 28-years, BCG will not hold the BCG Main Field Day. The annual event, which can attract 800+ growers is a BCG flag-ship event and a key date in the calendar for Wimmera Mallee farmers. BCG Chairman John […]

Main Site – Curyo – TOS Canola Varities

Hyola 350TT and ATR Bonito Canola at Curyo sown 31/3, 22/4, 5/5. The optimal start of flowering date for canola in Birchip is 26 July. Both varieties sown 22nd April will nail this optimal flowering date, the 31/3 sown ATR Bonito has also flowered close to this date. The quicker maturing Hyola 350TT has flowered […]

Yellow tipped leaves in barley – Pyramid Hill

Yellow tipping of leaves was observed in a number of barley varieties at Pyramid Hill, Spartacus CL pictured. This is characteristic of what this variety and some others closely related show at this time of year. Be sure to correctly diagnose any potential nutritional deficiencies or disease issues before addressing these, as it may just […]

Getting Grazing Management Right Webinar with Alison Frischke

Good grazing management aims to achieve the best outcomes for both pasture and livestock production – in terms of availability and quality, meeting needs for growth and reproduction, pasture persistence and soil health. Join us to learn about different grazing strategies, stock requirements and how to manage large paddocks and soil health. Also join us […]