Local BCG research progresses with spring weather

Recent warm weather has produced an expected spike in visits by BCG researchers to trial sites across the Wimmera Mallee to collect results and protect their vital research from disease and insects. “The warm weather means our crops are flowering, insects such as Heliothis and Etiella are taking flight and need to be managed. We […]

Building drought resilience through planning

BCG Chairman and Birchip farmer John Ferrier is encouraging local farmers to actively plan for drought by providing feedback to the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, funded by the federal government’s Department of Agriculture Water and Environment’s 5 billion Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund initiative. The Hub is actively seeking this vital information […]

A word from the CEO

Help is at hand Farming, as we all know, is about many things: resilience, knowledge, experience, co-operation, plain old good luck. It is also about planning. The ability to plan relies on a clear head and the provision of time to allow that clear head to function most effectively. Plans need to be made when the […]

Is intercropping vetch in the Mallee a good idea?

Many growers around the world successfully implement temporary intercropping to improve their crop yields, weed competition, harvestability, disease management and nitrogen inputs (Bedoussac et al. 2015). Studies however are often based in organic farming situations, mixed farming systems or areas that receive higher annual rainfall totals than the Victorian Mallee.  BCG is interested to learn […]

Farmer in Focus: Tyler Nelson

Can you give us some background of yourself and your farm? I farm with my wife Kate and parents Paul and Jerri. Jerri works off farm too and my grandparents live on farm and help where possible. I grew up around Boort and studied a Bachelor or Agricultural Science at The University of Melbourne after […]

How the dry start is affecting canola

The start of the season was a test for canola with dry conditions and small rain events resulting in late and in some cases, poor establishment. A sowing depth trial at Watchupga funded by GRDC showed it was the year to ensure seed placement was not too deep. A distinct difference was also observed comparing an open […]

Meet the team – Lynden Burns

BCG is pleased to welcome its newest member Lynden Burns. Growing up in the Mallee, Lynden has a strong background in events and marketing and will be joining the Extension & Communication team. What is your background?  I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm at Tempy, just an hour north of Birchip. I […]

Farmers won’t miss out on key research

BCG will ensure farmers still have access to the latest agronomic research and information, despite regional Victoria’s lockdown which has resulted in the cancellation of BCG’s Main Field Day to be held on 8 September. BCG CEO Fiona Best said while the field day is cancelled, the organisation is committed to ensuring growers don’t miss […]