Storing grain? Attend Trials Review Day on Feb 25

“Growers assume they will be taking the same quality grain out of storage as what went in. Without strategic monitoring and management this isn’t always they case,” warned grain storage expert Chris Warrick. “This reality can be gut-wrenching for farmers who have gone to the nth degree to protect and nurture their crop throughout the […]

“I’ve seen enough. The drought hub is a better way forward”

The Drought Hub’s North West Node Project Officer Jenna Allan said she has seen enough disastrous consequences of drought on farmers, the landscape and rural communities. Jenna believes there is a better way. “The drought hub is a fresh way forward. In the past, in times of drought, we’ve seen coverage on the news of […]

Welcome Jenna Allan!

Image: Jenna Allan (centre) with left to right, her husband Ricky, daughters Blair and Scottie and son Cooper. BCG welcomed Jenna Allan to the team this week! So you can get to know her (and like her as much as we do) we asked her a few questions: What is your background?  I am a […]

Summer cropping update

Agriculture Victoria/GRDC Alternative Legume Crops Project This project is in its final year of  trials having commenced in the summer of 2019/20. The first trial in this project is looking at different varieties by time of sowing (TOS) and includes mungbeans, cowpeas, soybeans, pigeon peas and lab lab. TOS 1 sown 11th Oct and TOS […]

BCG CEO Fiona Best

Reconnecting, celebrating and rituals  

The importance of rituals in creating shared memories, building relationships and bonds and supporting strong mindsets is well-documented. The last two years have highlighted just how important our rituals are. Covid ruptured our rhythm and denied us the opportunity to stick to a routine, let alone to practise  rituals.  Time and time again, we were […]

Dale Poyner BCG

Farmer in Focus: Dale Poyner

Dale Poyner, thanks for agreeing to be this month’s Farmer in Focus!  Can you give us a bit of background on yourself and your farm? We purchased some of the family farm, located 8kms north of Nullawil, from our father and uncle. We have been operating in our own right for around seven years.  Reece […]

Kelly Angel BCG Storage

New storage sparks joy for Kelly

In the words of organiser guru Marie Kondo, don’t keep anything that doesn’t spark joy. For BCG Operations Manager Kelly Angel, her smile in presenting BCG’s new compactus storage system speaks volumes. “It will allow us to maximise storage in our lab, something that is always a challenge in small spaces. We will be able […]

The best time to manage a drought is before a drought

Yields are high and commodity prices are generally strong across the board. Rural confidence is at a 20-year high. So many are saying ‘let the good times roll’. Well, yes and no – that’s according to Professor Tim Reeves, Co-Director of the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub, a new collaboration between government, academia, […]

Save the date: BCG Trials Review Day Feb 25

BCG has commenced harvest. Data is being analysed and commercial strategies for farmers are being developed. The BCG team will share their findings at BCG’s Trials Review Day to be held on Friday the 25th of February at the Birchip Leisure Centre. The event is an opportunity for BCG members to engage with relevant local […]

Dyer Weidemann BCG Board

Dyer and Weidemann welcomed as new BCG Board Members

BCG welcomed two new members to its board at last week’s Annual General Meeting: Kaniva grain grower Jonathan Dyer and Rupanyup cropping and sheep farmer Kayla Weidemann. They were each elected for a three-year term.  BCG Chair John Ferrier welcomed the two new board members: “BCG is fortunate to have such high calibre candidates willing […]