The BCG Research Team are undertaking trials across the Wimmera Mallee and are constantly on the look-out for timely, topical and technical information in the paddocks.

Pests are a constant risk for primary producers, as they can have a serious impact on agricultural production and market access.

Pests BLOG - Updates from the field

Evidence of mouse damage at the BCG Main Field site – Canola

24 July 2020 - Fiona Best

Keep an eye out for slugs

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

There are reports of damage from slugs in the Wimmera, particularly south of Horsham.

Pest Advice 25/05/2020

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

“Given the green bridge we have had leading into sowing this year, there are some pests that will need closer monitoring to make sure there are no outbreaks early in the growing season,” - Kelly Angel, Senior Manager Operations at BCG

Watch Out for Wireworm

26 May 2020 - Tom Draffen

BCG Staff recently spoke to growers in the Wimmera about the discovery of Wireworm in a Canola crop, resulting in approximately 120 hectares of Canola being re-sown on one property near Murtoa. Damage to Canola was also reported at a property at Natimuk. 

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