Podcasts: entertainment for the tractor


Podcasts vary extensively in time and content, and there is sure to be at least one that will interest you, you just have to find it.

Jil Jil farmer Tim McClelland provided his top five which include:

Podcast Pocast Podcast Podcast Podcast

But it is Serial that follows a true story with many twists and turns and delves into each character is Tim’s favourite. The narrator Sarah Koenig, is also along for the ride, as she doesn’t know where the story ends.

“I think I like the Serial podcast because it has aspects of a classic ‘who dunnit’. The audience is taken through the case and given a very balanced view of the facts. It is gripping and kept me interested from one episode to the next. I also enjoy the insight into the process of conducting a murder investigation. What goes on inside an investigators head,” explained Tim.

The Dollop is a podcast where history and comedy collide, as Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss different historical events.

Tim’s favourite The Dollop episode is ‘ten cent beer night’, where they discuss the Cleveland Indians famous ten cent beer night in 1974. Support from the BCG office came with a runner up favourite episode titled ‘the rube’.

“And for the politically inclined there is the party room for all the latest information on Australian politics,” Tim reminded.

Some of the best things about podcasts are that if you start one and don’t like it, stop listening. You haven’t paid for it, as most are free, so you aren’t losing out.

And unlike a TV series where if you miss an episode you might miss an important fact, most podcasts differ episode to episode, so feel free to pick and choose.  

BCG project manager Louisa Ferrier’s top podcast are:

Podcasts Podcast Podcast

If you are looking for interesting news pieces The Daily is for you. Louisa explains “it has a good format to deliver news quickly, but with some depth. It is the journalism in The Daily that I enjoy.”

“Mia Friedman interviews some interesting people in No Filter, even though the podcast is aimed at women.”

“Best Practice explores improving workplace efficiency and functionality. It shifts through the latest fads and trends, saving you the time of reading the latest bestseller from the book stand.”

As you can see from both Tim and Louisa’s top podcasts, there will be a podcast that suits you and that is completely ok not to agree with either of them what is the best.

It is quite simple to find podcasts on an Apple device, with the podcast app (icon below) automatically downloaded to your device.





But, if you are not using an Apple device you may need to download another app or go to podcast series websites directly.

The ABC listen app works well for ABC podcast content, which is quite abundant.

Podcast Podcast Podcast Podcast
AntennaPod Podbean Podcast Addict Spotify

And while we would love to say there is a plethora of awesome agriculture podcasts, we can’t. But BCG along with other organisations are trying to get better at creating them.

Some that we do know of include: 


WeedSmart is a GRDC part funded initiative which pools the expertise of many including weeds guru Peter Newman. While some of the content may not be relevant, who knows there might be a gem of information in there that might assist with those problem weeds.  



Bushtech – Agtech so what?, involves Simon Mathewson and Sarah Nolet interview people working and shaping the technology space in agriculture. Very new podcast series.




BCG in Focus, a mixture of interviews and recordings from BCG events, with more available via the website for BCG members.



And ultimately the best bit about podcasts is you never know when you will come across something interesting, like this triplej hack piece on succession planning

So why not give a podcast a go.

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