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As a BCG supporter, have you considered making a donation to BCG?

Donations to BCG can contribute significantly to BCG’s long-term financial well-being, and help with its mission to ‘improve the prosperity of Australia’s broadacre farmers through applied, science-based research and extension’ well into the future.

BCG is a Registered Research Agency (RRA) and a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Any donations of money or specific assets made to BCG are tax deductible and will, unless specifically requested otherwise, be held by BCG and utilised for agricultural research and extension as per its mission. These longer-term and independent funds will help BCG and broadacre farming survive and prosper – thanks to your generosity and the generosity of like-minded people.

Contributions of $2 minimum will be received and donors will be issued with a tax receipt.

BCG’s Certificate of Incorporation: A0035543W


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